LLETZ Results - Reassurance for all!!!!

Hello ladies,


I thought it important to share my positive news with everyone because it's always nice for others awaiting there results to know it's often okay and all that worrying was for nothing. 


I suffer with severve anxiety and can only imagine I've been a night mare to live with the past few months. So if your thinking the worst and making arrangements for your funeral your not alone. I've cried and panicked for weeks. Lived with a constant gut feeling my time was up. Despite all the support from my gorgeous family, friends and partner the reassurance just didn't seem to take the edge off. I've looked for constant reassurance from friends, family, forums, the helpline & stalked the nurses from the hospital. Nothing takes the edge of till you get those results but please no it's normal to worry. It's not a gut feeling, it's an anxiety that eats us all and it's more than likely okay. 


Here are some statistics I used to read to make myself feel better and I hope this helps others. I actually found them in this forum ....


It is highly unlikely to be cancer.


Even with a smear result of severe dyskariosis /cin 3, only 2-5% percent of those people will be found to have cancer upon colposcopy/biopsy/LLETZ, the vast majority of the 2-5% unlucky people who are diagnosed with cancer will be at a very early stage which is very treatable. 


Not all cin 3 progresses to cancer and if it does it usually takes around ten-fifteen years on average. Reports vary but it is estimated that anywhere between 12% and 50 % of UNTREATED cin 3 will EVENTUALLY progress to cancer.


There are roughly 2500 cervical cancer diagnosis per year in the UK but ten times as many diagnosis of cin 3 at roughly 25000. 


 LLETZ is between 85 and 95% effective at removing CIN. Even if there is a recurrence it can be treated again.


Only about 0.5- 1 % of people with a history of treatment for CIN will develop cervical cancer in the future. Please bear in mind that a percentage of the population with no history of cin will also develop it. 


If you wish to read my story please see below ....


My situation didn't start typically as I'm not old enough to have a smear. I had a pelvic infection which lead to an internal from my GP. She said my cervix looked inflamed. I was then referred to have a colposcopy. The nurses took 2 biopsies. Originally I was advised I have CIN 1 & 2, due to my age they took this to a board to be reviewed as to whether I'd need treatment. Up on this they called back and advised I had CIN 3. I have now had lletz whilst put to sleep due to my own preference. And finally I received my results 13 days after treatment and all had been removed and there was nothing nasty to be seen! I'll now have a smear in 6 months. No longer scared because I know I'm being monitored! Please note different hospitals have differing wait times, I went Warrington Hospital where it was 2 - 3 weeks. And please note the nurses have been wonder, amazing and supportive through out! 


Have faith everything will be okay and even in the event something more sinister is there it's fixable so please do not stress yourself out!


Take it easy, big hugs for everyone!