lletz results - no post list


Just a quick question for anyone who has had the lletz procedure, I'm six weeks post treatment now and rang the colposcopy clinic last week to chase the results and was told they were in the post.

Rang today to chase and the person I spoke to told me I was on the no post list and that I just need a recall in six months. Obviously this sounds like good news but she couldn't answer any of my questions. My doctor also hasn't seen the results.

I'm delighted that it by the sounds of it very good news I just find it really strange that I haven't received anything and my doctor hasn't been given the results either. Has anyone else been told they won't receive a letter?

Many thanksĀ 

Hi vixieh83,

I've not heard of that before, I would definitely be calling back and asking to go on the "post" list! Your doctor will usually always be copied in to any correspondence from the hospital. I would ask the reasons why you are on a no post list in the first place and why they told you your results were in the post when they weren't! I find the administration side of all this the worse part and I have had to push everytime for my results.

Let us know how you get on and really good to hear you are on 6th recall

Dizzydee x

I would definitely ring again and speak to someone else. Unless they are really stuck for postage stamps, I have never heard of them not sending a letter to either you or at the very least to your GP.

Thanks guys appreciate the replies. I haven't had chance to ring today.

I'm in the doctors tomorrow morning to going to ask him and then ring again. Thought it was strange I even got a letter about my colposcopy results xxx