LLETZ results how long did yours take?

Hiya ladies had my lletz done a little over 3 weeks ago... how long did it take for you to hear back? 


last time it took 6 weeks for my biopsy to come back as it went to MDT...


Just want to know good or bad so i can deal with it!!! 



Hi ruby 

I was told it would take 4 weeks to get LLETZ results back . I rang my consultant a bit over 4 weeks as I hadn't heard and he called me with my results.  My colposcopy biopsy results took 10 weeks ! And had to chase them up think mine was an admin error at my hospital though and I was lost in system. My advice would be to chase them up if you havnt heard anything. I wish you all the very best



5 weeks and still waiting (in Surrey) .... My biopsy results were back in 4, but I did have LLETZ done under GA at a different hospital, so not sure if that has made any difference.

Just want to know that it's all gone and move on now!

I just want to know! I had ALOT of bleeding and back pain prior to my smear and a very raw area on colposcopy and the biopsy came back cin3 I just want to know what it is, the waiting and worrying is taking over my life!