LLETZ results help!

Hello, I have had HR HPV for 13 years which never caused me any problems except borderline changes in all these years. However in 2020 I got CIN 1. At colposcopy they couldn’t see any abnormal cells to biopsy so I had a repeat smear one year later and this was CIN 2. Again at colposcopy it all looked normal and so they took biopsies and these only came back as HPV no CIN. I had thermocoagulation treatment as a precaution and 6 months later a repeat smear again showed CIN 2.

I transferred to two different hospitals for second and third opinions as no one could see these abnormal cells. The third hospital could see some cells and took biopsies which came back CIN 1. The doctor said the cells could be higher up then the biopsy reached so suggested I do a LLETZ to ensure they get everything as he thought the result could be more moderate.

Just had my LLETZ results and again it’s come back CIN 1. What does this mean? Could a LLETZ miss CIN 2? Can I rest assured I likely don’t have CGIN as I was worried this may be causing my problems?

Hello Eleanor-rigby, I am assuming you got clear margins on your Lletz if that is the case then happy times, I was diagnosed with CIN3 from the smear test and after the Lletz picked up the CGIN so I had CIN3 and CGIN so if they didn’t find CGIN on the Lletz I would say the chances of you having CGIN are probably 0 .
You can always try and ask for a swap during your next smear test that checks for CGIN it takes samples from further up.
Is what I have to get now every time I have a test because I had CGIN. But I will say is probably unnecessary and you have nothing to worry about now just recover from the Lletz and put all this behind you until you go for the test of cure in 6 months. Take care

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Thank you so much! It doesn’t mention margins it just says “the tissue removed has been analysed in the laboratory and confirms the presence of CIN 1, which has been removed.”
It then asks me to have a repeat smear in 6 months at my GP surgery.

Yes definitely clear margins congrats have a great summer :sunny: