LLETZ results from consultant?

Hi all,


I underwent LLETZ about 5 weeks ago for high-grade dyskaryosis (moderate) and had a call from the hospital today saying the consultant would like to see me at the end of the week.

I had a terrible LLETZ procedure; an improperly cauterized artery caused bleeding which left me in hospital for 3 days so naturally I'm now in a permenant stage of panic and fear regarding this whole situation. 

I read before that generally people get letters from their GP for an appointment regarding their results. Do I need to worry if I have to see the consultant again?


Any advice would be great frown

My consultant told me that my care would be with him until after my 6month check up .


ive had one biopsy , results came from consultant, I have visited my gp about something else ... she didn’t even know I’d had a biopsy and then a lletz 

That's encouraging to hear. I was so worried when I received the call; an appointment with the consultant in the same week usually sounds like bad news. I'm not surprised GPs aren't always aware of procedures done...

I think appointment timings can be a bit hat and miss ... our colposcopy clinic only runs on a Tuesday so only 4 a month usually .... you have to remember aswell that they will fit people into spots where they get cancellations etc