Lletz results face to face

Hi all, this is my first time posting and just looking for some support really…

I had my first smear in April and I was shocked to find this came back as hpv positive and high grade dyskaryosis :sob: I was sent an appointment for a colposcopy in May where it was confirmed and a biopsy was taken. The results came back 3 weeks later confirming cin3 and lletz treatment was needed which had already been discussed so I wasn’t surprised. I had the lletz treatment on 17th June which wasn’t too bad the ladies were lovely and it was very quick and relatively painless. I was told I’d get the results in 3/4 weeks and would need to come back in 6 months for another smear which is fine. But then last Friday I got a letter saying they had my lletz results and an appointment has been made for me to discuss them this Thursday :sob: so now I’m a complete mess and expecting the worst and really hoping someone could share any similar experiences with me? I have 2 young children and I’m really struggling with this…

Thank you xxx


Hi, I didn’t want to read and run.
I haven’t been in your position so I can’t comment on what to expect at your appointment but I’m waiting on lletz results too and the not knowing is agonising! I have read other posts where people have had face to face appointments and it hasn’t always meant the worst, so fingers crossed for you hun.
I’m here if you want a chat or happy to offer support if you want to vent all your worries.
Hopefully someone else will comment with a little more understanding.
Sending well wishes xx

Thank you for your reply x

I wasn’t originally worried about the lletz results as I was under the impression it was just cin3 and that the lletz would have got it all, the lady who did the treatment said I’d receive the results in 3/4 weeks and that I would just have a follow up smear in 6 months so I really didn’t expect this :pensive:

Fingers cross your results are fine :crossed_fingers:

I can imagine this has come a big of a shock after being told 3/4 weeks and 6 months for a smear. Can you not call the hospital and ask for more info? They may be able to put your mind at rest?
I was told I’d get a letter in 3/4 weeks but also I’d probably get a call from the in 2 weeks so I’m expecting bad news but I guess we never know until they have done the test they need x

Hi just wanted to send love and support. X

Hi Eliza
I hope all went well x
I’ve only just read your post.
I had my lletz 6 weeks ago and just kind of recovered, though I think it takes a little longer.
Sending you all my love

Hi! Just came across your post and wanted to share that I had my colposcopy done on Monday (so almost a week ago) and was told during the appointment that he didn’t see anything severe looking and that that was good (no high grade lesions visible). But he said once the results came in they would call for an appointment to discuss whatever it showed and how we would move forward from there. I think it’s standard procedure for some doctors and that when we are anxious and nervous (and rightly so) we read into things too much and expect the worst possible outcome.

I’m sure you will be fine and it’s just a normal appointment to discuss your results :slight_smile: prayers for your healing and positive results!

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