LLETZ results - confused/worried

Hi all, 

I have another post currently but it's a bit lengthy on the read, so I'll keep this short.

Today I was called to advise me my pathology has been requested as "urgent" and the Dr wants me in next week as soon as it's back, for a chat. 

I've been advised to take someone with me, as a second set of ears. 

Should I be worried? Cause I am, majorly. 

Thanks, S. 

hi Sam, 

it's a little strange to send you this and keep you curious for a week. I'm sorry I can't speak from experience (I'm sill awaiting results from first lletz referred from first smear) but keep in mind worst case scenario can be treated and has a very high success rate.

maybe call your gp to discuss exactly what is urgent so you at least know what to expect.

good luck hun, and we here if you need anything x