LLETZ results - CIN3, but need another round of LLETZ in six months

Just got my results back from my LLETZ treatment three weeks ago. I have CIN3 and am required to have another round of LLETZ in six months time. 


 I am so frustrated and angry. I had a really unpleasant time the first time round, and I'm really not looking forward to having to go through it all again. More so, if there's abnorma cells left, won't they possibly become something worse in six months time?


just. BLAH. this is crap. I mean at least it's not cancer, so yay for that. But still. More treatment, more chance of it getting worse. Just. UGH. 

Poor you, that is really rubbish. you probably don't need to worry too much about it turning into anything worse, as everything I've read seems to suggest that takes a number of years rather than a number of months.

It's probably worth knowing that if it was really traumatic first time around, you may be able to have it under general anaesthetic the second time. I had this the first time, because I found the injections for the local so incredibly painful, I nearly hit the ceiling. GA was great - fall asleep and wake up when it's all over. Might be worth finding out if that's an option for you?

sending you hugs



Oh no why have they told you that you definately have to have Lletz again? Usually they do a repeat smear at 6 months after the first Lletz to see what is happening, so maybe this is what they meant?  If they were worried they would have you back in sooner so take heart.


Look after yourself


I've been looking out for your result hun - glad is nothing too sinister but boo to more treatment. My next will be the 4th 'messing around down there' within a year so I feel your pain xxx 


Hey everyone, thank you for the support, seriously needed it! Turns out the woman I called to get results misspoke - I got the letter today and it said what you said KayS: smear in six months! I am so relieved. My mum lives back in Australia so I'm trying to keep her as calm as possible about it all, so this will help! 


I'm so sorry to hear you have another round of treatment Msjalien - please let me know how you get on! xxx

Thats good news!  xxx

So chuffed for you! Xxx