Lletz, results and not being told the truth!

Hi again

So I had my second lletz today, first one was 2 months ago exactly! The lletz was in a colproscopy that was arranged rather suddenly after my smear. 3-4 weeks after smear i had a letter saying abnormalities found and hpv so referral for colproscopy to be seen within 2 weeks (at the time I didn’t really think of the whole cancer two week wait rule and was concerned but not that concerned as such) and same day letter from colproscopy arrived with appointment 6 days later!

At colproscopy they suddenly spring on my I needed lletz and had it in that appointment they were clear I shouldn’t wait but again I wasn’t panicking as the consultant I saw said “there are lots and lots of concerning cells but nothing too bad” so I presumed if they suspected cancer I would have been told at this point but maybe I’m naive!?

Lletz results back and told precancerous cells but on phone they said they had expected them to show cancerous cells so we’re surprised…then fast forward to today when I see a different consultant for another lletz procedure and she says that they definitely thought cancerous based on what the smear showed and were very surprised none showed in my sample but that its like cutting wood and sawdust…they can’t send it all off and as such the sawdust/cut bit won’t go off as its bleeding etc and then sealed so that could have been where those cells were if they were there at all. So another sample sent off but she’s not expecting it to show cancerous this time she says but time will tell. Then apparently I need a test for cure in 6 months if this sample comes back OK with good margins.

So after all that waffle, am I right to be a bit annoyed it wasn’t made clear that they genuinely thought they would find cancer and was very much led to believe all was ok. And will I ever know for sure if there were cancerous cells in the sawdust/cut bit as she described if this test comes back eith margins etc??

Also just to add I’m sore again but at least I know what to expect this time. If anyone is reading this expecting a second lletz just remember you didnit last time you can do it again xx

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