LLETZ result showed NO abnormal cells?!

Hello everyone,

So this is perhaps a bit of an odd thread but I would appreciate some advice from anyone that has experienced this. Basically, went for my first smear (I'm 24) and results came back with moderate changes, then my punch biopsies at colposcopy showed CIN2 and CIN3 and now my LLETZ biopsy has come back totally clear. How can this be possible?! I was gearing myself up for the LLETZ biopsy to say CIN 2 or 3, but this has really confused me. I want to be really happy by this result but at the same time I am worried that they could have removed a healthy area by accident and left the abnormal area?

Any advice would be really welcome. xx


I saw a post like this at some point last year so you may be able to search back & find it for more Info but from what I remember reading a lady had a simolar situation to yourself & it turned out that her original biopsies was enoughe to remove the tiny area of abnormal cells. Iv no experience of this myself so I'm merely speaking from what I remember reading on a post a while ago. 

Have they said they will give you another snear on the next few months to re-check again?