Lletz result glandular abnormality

Hi all 

first abnormal smear 2010 cin 1, persisted -colposcopy cin 1. Smears every 6 months , 2 normal smears but called back to colposcopy ?in error - colposcopy cin 2.

left for 6 months colposcopy repeated cin 2 persisted.

lletz carried out 5 weeks ago- letter on arrived this week cin 2 and glandular abnormalities.

have been asked to attend to discuss these results.

if anyone can shed light on the significance of these results I'd greatly appreciate it.

Hi Martc,

First I'll send you a big hug and some positive thoughts. I know how worrying it is to hear you have Glandular changes but please be reassured that it is not cc and the fact that they have found it is now the chance to have treatment and close monitoring. Glandular changes is called CGIN which is similar to CIN. The difference is Cin is found on the surface whilst Cgin is within the glands which makes it I a bit more tricky to find. I had 10 clear smears before they found mine and it was cgin3 (high grade) but the main thing is that they are aware of it now. My advise to you is: listen to the doctors and attend follow ups, try not to stress (do NOT Google), no smoking, plenty of fruit and green leafy veg, take multi vits containing selenium and vitamin E, drink green tea and plenty of sleep. These are all things I have been doing lately. Keep us ladies updated. Sending lotsa luv. Shaz

hi shaz , thank you so much for your reply.

did you have to have a cone??

how do they follow you up if its deeper than a smear can reach??


Letz result - cin2 plus adenocarcinoma in situ :-(

Hi Martc, I had a few Lletz treatments and then Cone Biopsy but my Cervix became Stenosed (closed & shortened) so they would have struggled to get accurate smears. I opted to have a Hysterectomy as it was the best option for my particular case (please don't panic and think this will be the same for you as each case is different). A lot of ladies are followed up with Cone as it does go deeper. they haven't found cc which is good and they will continue to monitor you closely. You can read my history by clicking on my username if you like. Please try not to worry as the docs are absolutely fabulous and they will take good care of you. Luv Shaz x

Also i forgot to mention that they can do an Endocervical brush to check further up Xx

Hi thanks I will read your case thank you. I am 29 no children and my long term relationship ended 2 weeks before this result , not my choice.

so my image of wedding/children with my ex went out the window then this on top and worry about ever being able to have kids..never mind meeting someone new.

cone early next week.x

I'll be watching for your update hun. I know it's hard but in the meantime try not to worry. Shaz xx