lletz repeat time

hi, im new on here so just learning how to use the site, i had lletz for cin3 in august and waited 8wks for results , apparantly it was a difficult case and some suspicion of early invasive tumor it was looked at by a few differnt people and they came to the conclusion that not all was completely removed but are waiting 6mths before they do another smear i worried sick that they can leave me 6mths knowing that they didnt get it all, has anyone had a repeat lletz sooner than 6mths, i realy dont want to wait this long


julie xxx

Hi Julie, yes I had a repeat LLETZ about 8weeks following first treatment, they like to wait 6weeks to ensure it is all healed, not sure on the 6 month wait though. xxx

I think after telling you about their suspicions, you have every right to demand a closer appointment, or at the very least get a proper answer as to why you should wait so long.

They cannot leave you in the lurch like that. A few weeks wait is bad enough, not to mind a few months.

thank you for replies, i have an appointment to speak to someone about this tomorrow and if they say you have to wait 6 mths for the cervix to heal at least i will be able to say i know of other ladies who have had a repeat procedure much sooner than that, i dont think they realise the turmoil we go through waiting for appointments and results

thanks for the replies this forum is such a good place to chat with other people going through the same worries

lots of love

julie xx 

hi, i had my appointment to discuss the 6 mths wait this morning i told them im not happy to wait 6mths knowing that my margins were unclear and managed to bring my appointment forward to 3mths instead of 6 which is much more acceptable, im glad i pursued this as ive been so anxious but feel better now i dont have to wait so long


Oh that's very good news. Any wait is horrible, but even worse when they give you a half-answer. I hope you won't be too anxious in the meantime xx

thankyou, i feel so much better and not worried about having a repeat lletz , the waiting is by far the worst part of it all, she said she will have a good look at the cervix and do any neccessary procedure,  it only means waiting a month as 2 months have already passed waiting for the results of my last one so by i go nx mth it will be the 3mths. i will probably be offered a hysterectomy if cin3 reccurs again which i will be happy to have im 48 so i dont need all them bits anymore and it would take my worries away and with it being cin3  know the nx stage is cancer so i dont want that risk! i hope your results come back favourable

love juliexxx