LLETZ recovery


Hi there

I was just wondering what the recovery is like after the LLETZ procedure? I have got mine next tuesday

and I was wondering how much time you should have off work to recover? In the leaflet it says you can go home after treatment

but it depends on your work. I am a Kitchen assistant so loads of heavy lifting for me. How long did you have off and how long do

you recommend for me as I dont get paid for not going in.


Thank you

Hiya Stacey, I had mine on a Friday morning, and I also took the Saturday off work. I felt well enough to go back the following day.

The only discomfort I experienced was a bit like a period pain for the first couple of days, then that died down. I had bloody discharge for about a week then I came on my period a week early which was heavier than usual. Just so you know what you might encounter!

The actual procedure was fine, I had it under local and didn't feel any pain, just a bit of discomfort from the speculum.



i was similar as tank, a little bleeding and no real pain. I didn't go back to work that day but was able to go away camping the next day on holiday involving lots of cycling and was ok! You should be ok, just take that whole day off 

good luck

xxx don

Hi Stacey,

I wasn't as lucky. My period started next day after the LLETZ and contributed to pain and I must admit I was struggling to walk normallly, bend and sit straight for the first 4-5 days, then gradually i got back to normal, but I wasn't lifting much in the first 2 weeks as I would feel pain coming back. It is very individual and hopefully yours will be not too painful. They advise not to do any heavy lifting for the first 3 weeks. It is an open wound if you think about it, so it would be nice if you had some flexibility for the first 2 weeks at least with your work.

Good Luck! xxx