Lletz Recovery advice

Hi all
I’m 26 and had my first lletz procedure Friday 23rd July. It all happened really quick I got my letter to say I had high grade severe dyskariosis then 2 days later was told to come into hospital for a colposcopy. I didn’t really have time to process everything which maybe was a good thing! At my colposcopy appointment I was straight in for the Lletz procedure. Over the last day or 2 I’ve been getting more crampy and the tops of my legs have been feeling a bit heavy. I’m not bleeding though which is good. Can anyone else share there recovery and how they felt? I need to go easy on myself whilst recovering just seems a long road ahead! X

I had LLETZ done middle of May, I was also told that I had high grade dyskariosis and also LLETZ carried out at my colonoscopy appointment.
After it, I had cramping (like when I come on)/dull aches on and off and a watery discharge. I think I may have had a bit of bleeding for the first day or two but I wouldn’t say I ever had a heavy discharge. I can’t say I had any problems with the tops of my legs.
I would say my recovery was 2-3 weeks, around the 2 weeks/just after it was my time of the month, so the procedure different effect the timing, I’m unsure if it was heavier or not than normal as I normally use tampons rather than pads.
I was told it can be upto 4 weeks though.
I would recommend taking things easy and resting/relaxing as much as you can.
With regards to feelings - mentally I wasn’t in a great place, I had only told my work and a couple of close friends what was happening, I avoided telling my family as I didn’t want to worry them, so it was hard to try and act normal round them but in my head I was worrying and panicking and thinking worst case scenario.
I would recommend talking to people if you can and trying not to worry about it, as it doesn’t help you and also doesn’t change things, but I am aware it’s easier said than done.
Also for me the worst bit was waiting for the results rather than the procedures.

Like you my appointments and bits was quick which don’t get me wrong is a good think, but it does also make you wonder if there is something more to it - but you just have to think of there is something they are dealing with it and your not waiting around for the appointment/treatment.

If you have any questions feel free to message me.

I have my fingers crossed for your results being all fine.