LLETZ procedure under general anaesthetic

Hi, I’m new to the forum.

I’m 25 and had my first smear back in November 2022. The results came back and I had to go for a colposcopy. The results from the biopsy came back as CIN2. I had an appointment in March and the consultant said that I had a choice to monitor it or have LLETZ there and then. I decided to go down the monitoring route, and went back in October for another biopsy.

I’ve been to the hospital today for the LLETZ procedure as my results from the second biopsy showed I’m now CIN3, however when I went through to the room, the nurse said I could have the option to have the procedure done with general anaesthetic.

I have a problem with local anaesthetic wearing off or not really working and still being able to feel things, which was the only thing scaring me about the appointment today, so she recommended that general anaesthetic would be the best way forward.

I’ve had people at work say to me that the procedure isn’t that bad, and I’m just worried people are going to think I’ve made a mountain out of a molehill and think I’m trying to put the procedure off!

I’m also super worried about the cannula in my hand and feel so stupid for feeling this way!

Can anyone that’s had LLETZ under general anaesthetic please let me know how it goes? So I know what to expect?

Thanks x

Hi. I’ve had both. I’ve had two failed epidurals in the past but the local anaesthetic used was very effective and worked for me. I felt no pain during or after my first two LLETZ. My third was under general anaesthetic because they were also doing a hysteroscopyand general look around. I had concerns because my last general was an emergency and very rushed. The anesthesiologist listened to my concerns and the whole this was very straightforward. If I’d had a choice I’d have had a local as it was so much easier.

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Hi I had a LLETZ under general anaesthetic last year. I opted for it as my anxiety just couldn’t cope with being awake.
If I had to have it again I would choose general again, i just found it over and done with without the anxiety. Hope this helps


I’ve had LLETZ with local anaesthetic and operations (not gyne) under GA. I’m a bit of a wimp but honestly for me the LLETZ was ok. Cervical sting similar to a dental injection and then felt nothing at all. Felt crampy afterwards when I was home for a few days.

The nurses are always so lovely and caring. Really friendly and understanding. I’ve only ever been with an all female team which is nice as they can relate.

Don’t let anyone knock you down for how you feel. You absolutely have every right to feel how you feel without anyone telling you otherwise. It’s so normal to be anxious, especially with something like this for a woman and you being young too. It’s the unknown isn’t it.

For your hand cannula you can ask for some numbing cream. You might have to buy it from the chemist yourself if they don’t supply it but it will numb your skin so you won’t feel the needle. I’ve used it before and it’s amazing! Think it’s alls Emla


I had mine done in april and it was fine. I promise

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When I told my consultant I was petrified of needles she didn’t even entertain the idea of local and recommended GA. The appointment came through within a few weeks.
I had my treatment last Wednesday and everyone was lovely. I didn’t need to tell them I was anxious, my BP was through the roof :see_no_evil:
I had emla cream (numbing cream) on my hands and hardly felt anything. I was genuinely petrified, but looking back I didn’t need to be, it was honestly ok! Everyone was very empathetic and I did everything they could to put me at ease.
I was probably in hospital 2 hours before, where I spoke with my doctor, anaesthetist and nurse who looked after me in recovery. (It didn’t feel that long!)
It took about 20 minutes and I was awake within the hour. They kept me in recovery for an hour (which is standard) and I was discharged fairly quickly after that.
I guarantee it’s not as bad as you are thinking and you will be ok.

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I considered GA but in the end, after speaking with consultant, had some diazepam to calm me down, and gas and air - which made me feel much better. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected. Maybe you could ask about it?

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Hi everyone,

Thank you for your responses. I’m going to the hospital next Thursday to have it done.

The lady at my pre-assessment appointment told me that they put the cannula in when you get to theatre so I won’t have it in my hand for hours before hand so that’s made me feel a bit better! And I can ask for the cream to numb it too haha.

Thank you again x

Even i replied before…
Im exactly the same as you …
Had the general in april… had a follow-up smear a few weeks ago… and now a another colposcopy tomorrow…
If i have to have treatment again ill more than likely have a general again.
I jusr know i wont cope with a lletz whilst awake

I had it done under general anaesthetic on Thursday and I was so worked up about the cannula that they let me have a visitor. Everything was absolutely fine and I haven’t had any pain yet at all! I feel like I’d opt for that again next time if I need to have it done again. The thought of it all is definitely worse than the actual procedure!!
Hope tomorrow goes ok for you x

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Glad it all went well and your pain free.
Take it easy though

Aww thankyou,bi appreciate that x

Yes i think i will too if i need treatment.

I have severe anxiety.
I’m trying to talk myself into having it awake (if needed) but i know myself and i wont be able to.