LLETZ Procedure Support/advice wanted



I had LLETZ treatment done 3 days ago and after being awake late at night for the third night in a row and googling up on the LLETZ Procedure and the recovery period I came across this site.

When I first discovered that I was to have a colposcopy, I had many friends who advised that they knew someone who had been through it and not to worry as everything was fine and it was no big deal, I know they were trying to put my mind at rest and only had the best intentions, but all it did was belittle how I was feeling and made me feel like I was wrong to be anxious. 

So anyway, I had the colposcopy and had to undergo the LLETZ procedure there and then... Luckily my mum was able to go with me and I regressed back to being a child holding my mum's hand, crying and shaking the whole way through it (in actual reality it was nowhere near as painful as I had built it up in my head to be) afterwards, my mum dropped me off at home to rest... So all done and dusted... Or so I thought.

For the last three days since I had the treatment done, I've not been able to get the procedure and the thought of LLETZ and all things related out of my head... I'm finding myself up at 4am in the morning, reading up on other peoples experiences with it and am in floods of tears... And I can't understand why. Why am I finding this so hard, emotionally, to deal with... Surely it should all be over and done with (bar from the full recovery) 

I'm beginning to feel very weak (emotionally) and keep telling myself I need to get over it and that it's a pretty standard procedure that lots of women go through and that I need to get a grip. Why am I struggling emotionally to even read up on the subject of all of this... I literally cannot explain what it is that I am upset about and was wondering if anyone else has felt like this or can offer any insight into why I'm feeling this way?

Thank you 

Hi Masdrof,


I felt exactly the same after mine and I ended up taking a week off work to recover mentally. I also couldnt really explain how i was feeling i just felt really overwhelmed and struggled to process the procedure in my mind. My GP and others I spoke to made me feel like it was unusual for women to feel this way post LLETZ but having done my own research it is definitely not unusual and a common side effect but its just never talked about! 

I found talking to other people didnt really help (i felt they didnt really understand the way i felt as had never been through it) but found that after a few days I started to feel better, I did try over the counter sleeping tablets but they didnt do much for me but may be worth trying. 


I hope you start to feel better soon, Im two weeks post LLETZ now and waiting for results. 


hello, yep me too, I basically think its an invasive and very nasty procedure allbeit necessary to remove the dreaded bad stuff.  I think its fair to feel very emotional and upset over it.  You will feel better.  I am now 2 and a half weeks after mine, have had my results which were CIN3 but clear and just need to go back to docs for next smear test in 6 months.  So  really good news only problem is I am not worrying over that !!!!  I consider myself quite a tough cookie but was in floods of tears and really down for about a week after, I too had a week off work recovering.  Then I had bleeding about 10 days after which is pretty scary too.    hoping you feel better soon and I if you need to discuss anything please message me.  xxxxx

Hi girls, I had my lletz on the 4th of august. I'm finding it very hard too, very emotional since and absolutely exhausted. It's all I can think of. I went back to work two days after but I could have done with taking more time off to recover both physically and mentally. It's an invasive procedure and bound to have an impact.  Take care girls, were all in this together xxx

Than you all so much for your comments, it's shown me that im not on my own in feeling this way and has put my mind at ease. 

Take care, 

Samantha x

I was the same. I think it's because we literally can't process why we are so upset. Nothing the doctors tell us makes us feel as if we are going through anything big. I know I came home crying and had no idea. I was just completely numb. Now I have learnt more about the cervix, and that it is a sexual orgasmic organ, and actually has more neural connections to it than the clitoris, so it is no wonder that we find this an invasive procedure, that can leave us feeling emotional. Take care, and I hope you heal fast! 

I had my treatment 2 days ago and think today after work my body has just gone into shock!

I feel very fragile and extremely protective over my body. And like everyone else exhausted! 

It's good for us all to talk about it, it's not as often the emotional effects are talked about! ❤

Just wanted to say that I was the complete same....I'm 39 years old, mother of 2, manage a team of 18 people at work & consider myself fairly tough but after my colposcopy on 21st Aug during which I had a very unexpected biopsy & Lletz for what the consultant called "very worrying looking cells" I cried for 2 full days. I cudnt go to work the next day as planned, although my helpful leaflet said I wud be just fine. Ha, right!! Still feel delicate & crampy 6 days in and of course now I have my period plus post lletz bleeding so I'm kinda sofa bound with cramps & just yuckiness!

Waiting on results is no fun, I've been told 2 weeks so trying to be optimistic but this totally wrecked me, so absolute hats off to all the brave ladies out there....bloody men have it easy!!

Claire xxx