lletz procedure sharing my experience

Hi everyone I just wanted to post on here to let others know about my experience.

In February i had my smear and it came back with abnormal results . I had cin2 . I went to my coloscopy appointment without really knowing what was going to happen. I assumed they were just looking at the area to confirm it and we would go from there . To my surprise they took a bispoy and boy didn't that hurt ! 

i was told I would have to come back for the lletz procedure as I didn't have anyone with me couldn't do it there and then . I was so frightened after that experience plus I stupidly googled it ( please don't do that if you haven't had it done )  I put it off for 5 months.

knowing I had to go for the procedure I plucked up the courage and went this morning . I was in a complete state but the hospital staff in the room were fantastic and tried to put me at ease . I was really anxious but it wasnt as bad as I thought. the biopsy was so much more painful.

firstly the 2 local anaesthetic injections into the cervix . Uncomfortable but i wouldn't say painful. Then the adrenaline ? Anyone else have this ? That was fine although I was shaking throughout . The procedure itself . Some pain I remember saying ouch but it was for a second . It didn't last long maybe 5 mins ? the smell was vile . That burnt hair smell . Knowing that was me burning was slightly off putting . When it was over I was so relieved and did thibk I have worried myself sick for 5 months and it was no where near as bad as I thought it was going to be. 

so it's the evening of the procedure and I have experienced some discomfort and cramping but nothing too intense . Worried after reading posts about infection and my next period but fingers crossed it will heal quickly with no problems.

am worried about the next 6 month appointment as although I have been through it I would rather not go through it again.

thanks for reading 



I feel exactly the same, I had my LLETZ on the 11th of September. I had abnormal results from my smear that I had in July, few weeks later a colposcopy & biopsy taken and received the results letter confirming moderate changes to cells. They said after the lletz they will see me again in 6 months, and Im also worrying if the abnormal cells will come back, or if they have got rid of all the abnormal cells. The man that done the lletz said it was quite a large area, thats kind of stressing me out too, as I would like to have more kids in future, and I know this can weaken your cervix. Ive read they can put a stitch in your cervix but worried they might not do that and just scan you to see if your cervix is short. They didnt mention it to me but Ive read they send some of the tissue off that they took in the lletz, so stressing about the results of that too. This whole experience has just been so stressful, my mind just starts running away with itself and I start thinking the worst. Google probably doesnt help, I should stay off it