Hi all

So yesterday was the day of my treatment i was slightly nervous but the nursing staff were amazing once again. Upon my arrival i saw the doctor and anaesthetist. The nurse did my obs and gave me some stunning hospital socks to wear lol not the most flattering i must add but hey. Although i had to wait 9 hours which was becoming annoying since i was on the AM List. I finally went down at 4:30pm and woke up in recovery at 5:30pm. Thankfully all went well. I dont have a follow up appointment just have to wait for the results of the treatment (fingers crossed)

I got home last night at around 8:30pm with a headache and sore throat but no pain from the surgery at all.

Today i woke up feeling a little light headed and throat still being sore.
But happy i had no pain and no discharge.

Its now 9:39pm and i started to get dull aches in my lower stomach and a pain in my groin. Ive taken some painkillers but it has had no affect on the pain what so ever.
I was thinking it might be an infection but thought it might be too early to tell.

Overall the past 2 months has been a serious emotional rollercoaster but im thankful the treatment was successful and even more greatful with the support of family and friends and the women on these forums.

HI hun,


So glad to hear your treatment went well! It is such a rollercoaster when going through something like this! We are all here to support one another. x

Im glad too! Just waiting for the dreaded results now. but im trying to stay positive. 

It is difficult though with the cramps and constantly feeling tired but im sure it will pass eventually. 

How is everything with yourself now? x