Lletz procedure bleeding

Hi all, i had a lletz procedure done on the 26th of April 2023, after beimg diagnosed with CIN3, was done under local and was awake for it, all went well had high anxiety but got through it fine. The following day i started light bleeding, then from there it just continued. I have been bleeding since that day, Friday 12th of May it turned heavy and then Saturday 13th of may i passed blood clots, Sunday 14th may another 3 clots… I went to the doctors today and she examined me, and pulled another 5 clots out, i have been crampimg and heavier bleeding last 2 days, i suffer an anxiety disorder so of course my head is all over the place, she has booled me.an ultrasound in 2 days to check on everything but says the bleeding does not look like it is coming from the site of cervix? I just want someone or somewhere for more info on these procedures and after care ect, i am in australia .

Hello. My experience has been different to that (I had LLETZ around the same time as you) so I am afraid I don’t have answers for you but just wanted to reach out because you must be feeling very stressed and anxious. I hope you can keep as relaxed as possible (I know this is much easier said than done because I have anxiety too) until you know more. You’ve done the right thing and they’re looking at it urgently. Just take it a step at a time. Sending lots of positive vibes to you. Hold your nerve, you can do this. x