lletz procedure 2 weeks ago- just after general advise please

Good afternoon all,


please let me start for apologising in advance for asking probably what has been asked before however I have read some posts and the support hear seems amazing so hoping for some advice/experience/general conversation :-)


3 weeks ago I was awaiting my smear results, and suddenly I received the severe dys news, 24 hours later I had a phonecall from the hospital for a colposcopy and 4 days after that I was in the most awkward position having a lletz procedure (the whole experience for me has been traumatic as I am a health anxiety sufferer)


any way the good news I think is that the Dr said that she was pretty sure that there was not any cancer and that I would be fine however she could not gaurantee this and that at the most it may be early stages at the worst! I left feeling pretty relaxed but after reading some posts on hear it sounds like they could say one thing and thema completly different result could land on your door step. just wondered what oppinions were?


also and I am sorry if this is to much info but tomorrow wll be week 2 of waiting and since procedure I had first week of really water discharge and then a week of bleeding almost like a period which has yet to stop.. is this normal? further more I am still taking my contraceptive pill and so confused now as to when my cycle will be?


just a friend person to respond woud be lovely as I seem to not know anyone else who has had this done. by the way I am 31, married and have a beautiful young son.


thank you all for taking time to read



I can empathise with you because although I had full blown Cancer I've gone through similar with vaginal precancer. 

i won't tell you to try not to worry because that is pointless. Docs, who see cervix abnormalities day in day out are usually pretty accurate. She can't say 'you don't have Cancer' before the biopsies are back because you could sue her! So she says , it's unlikely, and if it is, it will be microscopic (Excrllent treatment prognosis) 

i was told 'we don't think its Cancer (with my caginal cells) but we wnot know for 100% until after biopsy. 

So trust your doctor. They are not in the business of lying. 


Thank you 365 days, I'm sorry you have been thru and going thru so much. X