Lletz post treatment advice

Hi I was wondering if anyone can help ? I had treatment this a few days ago (tues) I bled a tiny bit afterwards but now nothing ?? Is this normal ? Also I'm due to start my period any day will having the Treament affect my cycle and will it put me at risk of infection ? I'd be grateful for any advice x


you might find that it triggers a bit of bleeding, if you think it's too much get it seen to! That said, I don't think it does for most people! 

one of the main signs of infection is smelly discharge, so keep an eye out for that. 

Molly xxx

Hi, I had LETZ earlier this year and had hardly any bleeding, I had it done under a General, I did lose a brownish type discharge.  My period came on time but was very heavy and quite a lot more painful, not sure if it was because of this but I'm assuming it has some knock on effect.. I also bled for a week which is unusual for me.. Good luck xxx