lletz, please advise!

I had lletz treatment yesterday under a ga for severe dyskaryosis! It's been about 28 hours since the surgery and I look about 6 month pregnant! Is this swelling normal? I do have a lot of pain too & also have gas pains in my chest! Blurghh I'm not feeling all that fantastic right now :-( 



I had lletz with local on 13th feb. I found that i was ok for a couple of days and then was all bloated etc. It did go after a few days. Good luck :)

Hi Flowerpower,

Sorry you are feeling blech just now. I haven't had a LLETZ myself but I've read so many women here talking about bloating afterwards that I suppose it must be a fairly common occurrence and nothing to worry about, even if it isn't the best fun in the world.

Be lucky