Lletz performed whilst 'cervix was inflamed'?

Hello All,

Very much a newbie here, and to ‘this type of thing’. I’m 27 and whilst having issues in my early 20’s with abdominal pain resulting in scans and examinations nothing was found at that time. This therefor was my first proper routine smear since that time.

I received ‘that’ letter on the 28th October, two weeks after my check up. It said that it had determined ‘High - Grade’ and thus required a colposcopy.

I attended my colposcopy today (6 days later) and was told that they couldn’t see anything due to the inflammation of my cervix. Due to the ‘high grade’ picked up on my smear they advised that they should still do the Lletz there and then, which they did. I just wondered if this had happened to anyone else, not really knowing anything before the treatment? I worry that if I already had an infection causing the inflammation surly that would need to be treated first. Granted I am ignorant regarding anything like this!

Due to years of back problems and constant abdominal pains they are also going to book me in to have a ‘scan’. I don’t think I was thinking too clearly at this point and don’t remember asking for further explanation. Am I right in assuming this is likely to be a pelvic and abdominal ultrasound, or would it be MRI/CT scan? - Again, please pardon my ignorance!

Hopefully the scan will be within the next 6 weeks, the results from the colposcopy in 4 weeks, and follow up in 6 weeks.

On another note: They also said my neck looks large and want me to have my bloods tested for thyroid issues…I mean honestly…if your self esteem isn’t low enough after that carry on…I’ll be wearing scarfs from now on!

I hope if you are reading this and going though this kind of thing I hope you are keeping your head up and still smiling.

All the best,