LLETZ performed - feel traumatised

I had my colcoscopy on Monday 12 June. I found it horrible. I found the consultant who performed the procedure to be abrupt, not rude, but just came across as uncaring. He barely said anything before he started the process, just whipped up my gown which made me feel very uncomfortable and overly exposed.

The nurses were lovely and were talking to me but something happened prior to the LLETZ being carried out where everyone stopped talking to me. I didn't know what was going on and it made me feel very self conscious. 

The anesthetic hurt and made my heart race which made me panic. they said was normal but there was no warning that this could happen. 

Then I could feel the actual LLETZ itself which hurt and again I wasn't prepared for. 

I just feel incredibly emotional about the whole thing. I feel traumatised to be quite frank. Whenever I think about it, it makes me scrunch my legs up into a ball. I'm so scared of having to go through it again. Even the thought of the routine screening makes me feel abit sick. I don't want anyone going down there ever again.

Has anyone else felt like this? Any tips or advice?

Hi Kayls, I'm so sorry, I felt traumatised by the LLETZ too. It is 12 years later for me, and I had a bad reaction, and my body didn't heal properly. I am only just now, figuring out what my body needs to get over the emotional and physical trauma. 

I've got a support group on facebook of other women who are dealing with issues, and many feel very emotional about the whole thing. Send me a pm if you'd like to join. 

I hope you heal fast, and feel better soon! 

That's awful!! Talk about bad bedside manner!! 

Hi Kayls I know this is quite an old post so am hoping you are feeling better.  I had Lletz done last week and I felt absolutely the same as you, I just wanted to say it has really helped me by knowing i am not the only one to feel like.  As i say I really hope you are starting to feel better now. I think its a bloody horrid procedure and is underestimated by the medics on how it affects women.  Take care Jenny