LLETZ - pain almost 4 weeks later

Hi all, I will be exactly 4 weeks since my LLETZ on Monday. Overall recovery has not been too bad but I’m still getting bloody discharge and period type pain especially in the morning. I think the bleeding is decreasing (and I know some people have this for up to 6 weeks according to the leaflet) but the pain every morning is driving me mad. It generally subsides after a while and then the rest of the day I’m alright but it’s stopping me getting to work. At the moment I’m handling it with OTC painkillers. Has anyone else experienced this?

I’m still in pain now 6.5 weeks after having Lletz procedure. It’s not unbearable but i’m definitely not back to my pain-free self. I’m still awaiting my results and spoke briefly with the hospital last week, who said there was a bit of a delay with some of the results coming back from the lab, but no more was said.
I’m not sure how to feel tbh. Apparently the surgeon that did it for me reviews his results once a week, so that seems to be the other thing that would cause delay.
I hope you feel much better soon. It sounds similar to what some people have been experiencing but if you have concerns it’s always best to get a professional opinion.
Have you had your results yet?

Libbee x

Hi there Libbee, thank you so much for your reply and I’m so sorry that you are experiencing this pain too. I have had my results (I actually got mine very quickly, only 1 week after the procedure, I’m so sorry to hear you have been made to wait so long, I was quoted 4 weeks so I was quite shocked to have them so quickly) but they are quite strange - my cervical biopsies showed CIN2 and 3 but my LLETZ has come back low grade, so I’ve had back and forth arguments with the colposcopy dept looking for answers and to be honest they don’t have any so my samples are being assessed again as part of the multidisciplinary team meeting at the end of this month. This has been very stressful to be honest which probably isn’t helping with my physical healing. I really hope you get some answers and you feel better soon - I was told that the longest I should be experiencing side effects is 6 weeks so hopefully you will be on the mend soon. Sending you kind thoughts and solidarity this thing is horrid.

Hi @ilovesquirrels, sorry to hear about the stress around your conflicting results that’s been added to the physical pain you were experiencing. I haven’t got experience of lletz, but I did see from another forum post a link to research investigating the difference between results from a colposcopy and lletz. We want our results to be consistent so that we get appropriate treatment, but sometimes the results may not be 100% accurate. Perhaps your team didn’t explain that (or didn’t realise that was a possibility) but the research does give more info about this. It’s frustrating but I hope that knowing that this is a possibility helps lift a little of the stress for you. Hope all goes well for you.

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Hi there, thank you so much for this - I’ve seen this paper before (and shared it here for others, I think it is very useful to see so thank you for this) and it is comforting in a way to know this is sadly not unusual but I have found the whole thing very stressful and they are terrible at explaining that this is a possibility as you say. I’ve had a look at my report and some of it really does not add up (eg the sample depth does not appear to match the loop used) so I’m very doubtful about the whole thing if I’m completely honest and I’m so fed up with still being in pain. I’m really hoping the pain stops before 6 weeks is up as then I’ll have to go back to the GP and honestly I just want all this to be over now. Thank you so much for listening and for your kindness.

Oh, I wonder if I got the link from a previous post you shared! Sorry to just reply with something you already knew about.

The other discrepancies on your report like the depth of the loop etc are strange and it’s so frustrating that the team don’t explain things very well. Whose body is it they are all discussing!? Then they wonder why we get anxious! :rage:

Hope you manage to find out more and the pain goes very soon, and do post again as I think it would be helpful to other people in this situation :heart:


No worries at all, thank you for your kindness and if it was from the post I made I’m so glad you’ve found it helpful! I think that’s why I’m so frustrated, I’m being treated like I’m mad when their hesitance to engage just feels like they don’t actually know (which to be honest is an answer I would be more satisfied with than the hostility). I’m hoping that I’ll have more answers soon once the MDT is over, it’s being reassessed on the 20th of May so hopefully I’ll know more then. I’ll update when I know more - I’ve noticed a lot of posts about strange results recently (much more than when I first posted about this in April it seems) so I’m hoping that perhaps I can post something that is useful to others too.


Just updating here - I’m now bleeding quite heavy bright red blood again this evening. I think I’m going to have to ring emergency gyno in the morning, does this sound strange to anyone else?

Thanks for your reply too Ilovesquirrels, I’ve not had the heavy bleeding like you have but am aware that it can vary, however i remember the leaflet saying if it was very heavy to contact for advice. There was mention that it could even be a period come a point but there is only one way to put your mind at ease i think, thats to get checked out or at least have that conversation.
I remember before i had even had my smear asking if i could have my smear early as i was bleeding abnormally for me and the reception team and nurses kept telling me it was likely stress and told me i had to wait! (yes the reception team seem to be qualified to advise at my surgery!) anyway it was not just stress and the rest followed when i was actually allowed by them to get my smear. So, rule is, you know your body best, and we are all different.
I hope you are ok.

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Thank you so much for your reply Libbee, I’m so sorry that you went through that too - being constantly spoken down to or treated like I’m mad by under qualified people is sadly something I can completely relate to, it is completely unfair that we are being written off by this. The bleeding feels like it is subsiding a bit thankfully, I’m going to call urgent gynae in the morning and get advice. If I’m being completely honest I really, really don’t want to go in but if I have to I have to, you’re right that it’s better to have it checked. I’ll post back when I know more. Thank you so much for your kindness and hope all is going ok with you x

Thanks Ilovesquirrels,
I hope you get on ok tomorrow, let me know how you are. I am hoping i hear something this week…
L x

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Thanks Libbee - I really hope you get your results soon and all is well.

Rang the emergency gyno line this morning and ended up with an emergency appointment at the hospital - the doctor there was brilliant, very kind and gentle and explained everything he was doing, when and why (frankly a bit of a contrast to my gyno who doesn’t want to tell me anything). I explained the history with my strange results etc and he also agreed that these sound odd and he is also going to make sure that I am followed up. It felt empowering to have someone on my side and listen to me properly.

He performed a speculum examination and could see where I had the bleed but there was no active bleeding - he made me cough a few times to test this. It seems that I somehow ruptured the wound site which caused the bleed (seemingly just by laughing - last night I was sitting chatting with friends, I laughed and then felt a feeling like a balloon popping and then a gushing sensation - I then filled a night pad over 2 hours, with more bleeding this morning) but this had healed by the time I was examined. I’ve been given more painkillers and told that if I bleed like that again I’ll need to come in immediately and I’ve been told I’ll have priority if this happens. Still no one knows how long I’ll actually take to completely heal which is frustrating but I’m grateful nothing more sinister is going on and I’ll have to take it even more gently. Honestly I feel so lazy and sluggish - I’m a very active person and I feel like my life is on hold. It’s so frustrating .

I thought laughter was supposed to be the best medicine?! But seriously good to know the reason for the bleeding, and to know you can get an emergency appointment if it happens again. What a difference it would make if all consultants, doctors and nurses were kind, gentle and explained things well. We want their medical expertise but how we are treated makes a huge difference too.
Good luck with your healing, it sounds as if that’s started well as there was no sign of new blood. You’re not lazy, just in recovery mode, give yourself a bit of time, you’ll get there soon :heart:

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I know, I hope my friends realise that they really are side-splittingly funny :joy: Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts - honestly I was treated so kindly today and I was so scared going in as I’d had such rough treatment previously, it restored my faith a bit to be honest. I’m trying my best to be kind to myself, hopefully I’m on the mend now :heart: sending you kind thoughts and solidarity too x

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