Lletz or cone biopsy? Help!

I have a small 5-6mm lesion on my cervix which when biopsied at colposcopy was found to be high grade cgin. I did not go ahead with a lletz, mainly as I was petrified of having one, due largely to other health issues which meant my fear of infection and possible need to take antibiotics were paramount at the time. I instead requested an MRI which fortunately came back completely clear.

My consultant therefore now believes that what I am dealing with is either still a precancer or a very early cancer. He has suggested a cone biopsy under general anaesthetic. He feels this will enable him to do what he needs to do to get a clear diagnosis plus hopefully minimising the number of invasive procedures/complication risks etc. He explained that if I had a lletz it is possible that I may need a second one or a cone anyway.

But I am now concerned about going under general anaesthetic if there is a chance that I don’t need to (I have terrible stomach problems and reflux worse on empty stomach/when lying flat etc) and the possibility that a lletz may be enough? This is driving me crazy. Fertility is not an issue as I’m 45 and never wanted children. Any thoughts/advice welcome!

I would go with what the consultant suggests. My smear and biopsies showed pre cancer but once I had lletz it's showed early cancer. I then had to have a cone biopsy under general to get clear margins. If you can get it cleared in one go I think it will be easier for you in the long run x


I agree with libby; aiming to clear the problem in one hit looks like a good way to go, given your situation.  Have you discussed your concerns about your stomach problems and reflux with the consultant?


Thank you both for your response, I appreciate it. I have since been emailing my consultant to try to get a response regarding alternatives to full general anaesthetic and after a couple of days wait and a bit of a nudge his secretary has finally emailed me back very briefly to say that basically I can chat about the possibility of having the procedure done with just a local with the anaesthetist on the day, and any further questions will be answered by my consultant on the day also. This really isnt a lot of help as I am now expected to go in not really knowing precisely what I am having done! I really dont know what to do next. I understand my consultant is very busy and probably sees me as a little low down on the list of the priorities as it is just a cone after all probably to them but not to me! I may see if I can have another chat to an anaesthetist before next week. I really dont want to leave this till the actual day of the procedure it just seems ridiculous. I'm really struggling with this. If it wasn't for my other health issues I would not be this concerned but I really dont think my consultant is interested in that. Surely he must know what he is intending to do and what type of anaesthetic might be required? How will the anaesthetist know? And what if I am not happy with the decision on the day? I can't delay the procedure any longer.