LLETZ on Thursday - CIN2


For a little background - my first ever pap smear (at 25) came back with hpv and CIN1 - have been having 6 monthly colpcoscopys for the last year and a half My first 2 were fine, but my third one, a few months ago, was so awful - the biopsy was really painful, and I panicked and cried the whole time.

Of course, this came back with both CIN1 and CIN2. I am due to have my LLETZ on Thursday, and I am so so anxious about it.

I know a lot of women are totally fine, and I understand all women are different, but of course, the horror stories! I’m especially concerned about the stories I have read about loss of sexual desire and function (some women have reported a total loss of orgasm).

I am worried that my doctors are giving me a LLETZ because its been about a year and a half, and the cells are worsening, but I am concerned they are being too hasty. I have only read about women with CIN3 have LLETZ, not CIN2.

Please can you girls help put my mind at rest - I am so anxious.

Hi Ella.

I understand your concerns, and have done a lot of worrying my self so I know how much time and energy it can take up.

I have had 2 lletz myself, and of course I can only speak on my own behalf and about my own theories. But personally I have had no problems about orgasm or anything. What I have had problems with is, sexual desire, which is much more to do with the psychological effects of going through something like this. I think this is basically more or less the case for most people. And maybe without them even being sure and aware about this. 

I can assure you that the more comfortable you are and the more you talk about your concerns with the doctors, the easier it will be. I am the same age as you by the way. 

About you being treated for CIN2 and not CIN 3, maybe it can be seen in a different way. 

if you look at it like this, you are more likely to get rid of the bad cells immediately and not having to go through constant check ups which you would if they didn't give you the lletz. 

I hope this helps you a bit. Feel free to ask anything, and you can read about my experience at the bottom.

Best of luck to you with your lletz and sending lots of hugs your way!

Thank you so much <3 
Its such a scary time, and none of my friends have gone through this - and my partner lives on the other side of the world, which isn't much help!

I'm actually due to travel over to Aus to go and live with him next month (4 weeks exactly after my LLETZ). I was assured months ago (pre-CIN2) that it would be fine, so i booked it.

I am now very very worried that I shouldnt have booked flights as there might be issues, and I'll need a follow up appointment - but the flight is paid for and booked, so I cant change it.

Have I messed up?! I'm so worried I'll be sitting on a 12 hour flight bleeding like mad. 

Hi Ella, 

I recently had this same worry so I thought I'd share my experience with you. 
I had my first smear in September, I'm 25 and it came back as CIN2. I was really worried that the doctors were going to do LLETZ when maybe this wasn't required until CIN3. I did so much reading on it, and then I decided to see a private doctor to get a second opinion. She explained that you have 50% chance of regressing, but also 50% chance of it developing and becoming CIN3 and eventually cancer. She explained you can go with the conservative option of watching and waiting, but in this time it could well get worse and if it does, you will have to have a larger area removed. As I don't have children yet I really wanted as little removed as possible so I believe it's best to have it removed as soon as possible and not wait with the risk of it getting worse. Once you've had your lletz you will be hopefully back to normal and you won't need to worry.
I was so anxious about the treatment but I had local anesthetic injections which I couldn't feel at all and I hate injections and normally faint. Then I couldn't feel the LLETZ whatsoever, I just had bad cramps for a few days after.
I really hope this helps and good luck on Thursday



Hey... I had Loop procedure in 2013 after having cin 2 on smear... it was a bit painful but I was fine afterwards.... I have just had my first 3 yearly smear waiting on result and I'm absolutely crapping myself!!! I am so anxious about it coming back as cancer!!!