LLETZ on Monday, advice needed please!

Evening ladies. 

This is going to be a long post so apologies.

I'm almost 25 and had my first smear in September. My results came back high grade dyskaryosis. I was referred for a colposcopy on the 10th of October where they took biopsies amd advised 4 weeks for results. 4 weeks came and went with no news. Eventually I received a letter to say my results were inadequate for assessment and they would be discussed at the next team meeting. Ff to December and I received a letter to say I had high grade cells and lletz is booked for 26th (this coming Monday)

Now here's my problem, I've had the implant in for 2 years, had noting but abnormal Beeding so was prescribed pill aswell. This was working fine until December. Now ive been bleeding for 41 days straight. The doctors won't give me norethisterine to stop my bleeding. I'm worried I've waited 3 months for treatment and I won't be able to have it done. I'm also worried bleeding is a sign these cells are more serious. Any advice will be great.


Louise xxx

Just to add I'm still taking my pill with the implant and am still Bleeding x

Hi Louise!

I'm sure someone said they'd had LLETZ while they were on their period. Hopefully they will come along soon. If it was me I would just turn up anyway and see what they say.

Good luck with it all! 

Kirsty xx

hi Kirsty,

Yes I think I will just turn up amd see what they say. It's not a nice thought having lletz anyway nevermind whilst being on but I have no choice I need it doing!

Thanks for your reply xx

Hi Louise, I would ring the hospital where you're having the lletz and see what they say, they're usually very good and will advise you, they'll be used to people ringing them with questions. Good luck with everything.

Hi Louise

Sorry you are having to deal with so much bleeding, it must be awful for you. Do get your iron levels checked if it has been going on for a while, if you have not already.

I would give them a ring but I am sure they will be happy to treat you even if you are bleeding. I have seen quite a few posts where ladies have had to go whilst they were on periods and they have been happy to treat

Big hugs and hope it all goes well on Monday. The procedure is pretty quick and painless once you have the anaesthetic 


Hi :) I never even thought about having my iron levels checked so I will definitely get that done. I will ring hospital tomorrow and advise them on what has been happening and what they think. I just didn't think it was possible as it says on my letter to rearrange if you are due a period. Obviously no matter how much it hurts I really want the lletz as I've waited almost 4 months from smear results so it's been on my mind too much! Thanks for all your replys and will update tomorrow once I've foned. 

Thanks again


Louise xx

Hi Louise,

If it were me, and I'd already waited 3 months for treatment, and I'd been bleeding for 41 days straight with no sign of it abating, and there was even the slightest hint that I would be turned away for bleeding (which does appear to be the case) Then I'd turn up and not say a word. If they remark on some blood once you've arrived then I would just try to sound surprised. But that's only me.

Good luck