LLETZ on gas and air

Hello :wave:

I’m having a LLETZ done Tuesday 14th and I am bricking it!
I’ve got a general phobia of hospital /dental stuff, although I was doing really well treating this and have recently been able to take myself for blood tests and for a tooth out on my own, very big deal.
However I had a biopsy 2 months ago and when I say it was traumatic, wow! The dr said my cervix is really tough, I thought no kidding, it felt like she was yanking my cervix out my vagina she was pulling that much :weary::weary:

Safe to say the progression in conquering my phobia has taken 10 steps back, for a month after I had it done I didn’t even want to have sex!

They told me I can have gas and air, and my experience has taught me that wearing my big girl pants and. Doing some breathing exercises I’ve been able to go ahead with treatments, but I really don’t know if I can do it this time.

Has anyone else had this done with gas and air?
I’ve seen other posts where people has GA and I’m seriously considering asking for that instead.



I recently had LLETZ 2 weeks ago, I didn’t have gas and air. The most uncomfortable part is the local aesthetic. The gynaecologist told me that a lot of people report the biopsy being more painful then the LLETZ and I have to agree.

The experience isn’t nice and is upsetting but stay positive you can do it. X

I had gas and air for my colposcopy as I was so terrified and always found smears uncomfortable. It was amazing. I sort of floated away and felt nothing. I ended up having my Lletz under GA for a variety of reasons. Would definitely have gas and air next time too.


First of all I want to say that what you’re feeling is totally relatable. I hate going to the dentist, I hate the opticians (I have high myopia), I’m not a fan of other medical appointments either but until recently have mostly been spared going in for anything major.

But I force myself to go out of necessity, and it was the same for LLETZ. Having said that I was in absolute bits. I have said a few times on this forum that I don’t think it’s acknowledged enough how emotional having to go through this level of screening and treatment can be - it’s almost treated as so routine that it’s no big deal.

Want to add a prefix here that: EVERY woman is different. My experience is by no means universal.

However, just to give you an idea. I had local aesthetic for LLETZ and no other pain relief. I 100% felt the first injection (I think I had two, it was a small area apparently) and the consultant reacted to my silent grimace with “ooh you did well there” - which led me to believe that it might be more painful for other women. For me, there was what I’d call slight pain and it was the sort of uncomfortable feeling where you can tolerate it but just want it to go away.

I didn’t feel any pain during the treatment itself but I felt SOMETHING and again, I would say I was tolerating it and not having a fun time. I was aware that something was being cut off me even though it didn’t hurt, if that makes sense? There was also the general pressure of having a series of stuff inside your vagina. All I’ll say is, if they offer you to go for a wee beforehand - take them up on the offer!

Essentially, you know your body and pain threshold. You also know what you’re comfortable with. If you would prefer GA or gas and air then don’t let anyone dissuade you. I’ve also seen advice that you can take painkillers about an hour beforehand. Ask questions and if you feel like nobody is being clear enough, keep asking. I had hundreds of questions relating to recovery to the point where I felt like the nurse maybe (not in a nasty way) wanted me to just go home already but I didn’t care. I wanted to know.

All the best for your treatment next week x

Hello all,

Thanks for your stories. I went to the appointment with the full intention of being able to meditate my worries away and suck on the gas and air like my life depended on it. Unfortunately my body had different ideas and dear got the better of me to the point I couldn’t even speak my name and I was shaking with fear to the point they couldn’t do it. It took me 30 mins after leaving the appointment to stop trembling :grimacing:

I’ve just today had it done under general, best nap of my life but apparently im a bleeder so I’ve had to stay in overnight with some wonderfully uncomfortable packing in with feels like an elephant sized tampon :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Fingers crossed they got everything and this can be a distant memory soon.

I’ve just read this and I’m glad you chose GA, I did too! All 3 times :grimacing: I don’t sleep well and it was also the best nap of my life too!
Hopefully you get your results soon and you don’t need to go back for a while :blush: xxx