lletz no periods

 Hi im 20 years old and had a lletz back in 24th of july this year to remove cn2. About 4 days after I had a heavy period

lasting about 8-9 days since then i have not had one and were in october now :/ 

i have had cramps and my usual bitchyness like im about to come on but nothing yet.?

I havent been on any contraception so theres a chance i could be pregnant, but i have taken around 

20 Pregnancy tests and there all negative.? i know i need to see my doctor but wondered if any one 

Has had a lletz and experianced this with there periods after.? any light shed on the matter would be grate, thankyou x

Hello Minky Moo,

When you had the LLetz you should of been told about the possible side effects. One of them is something called Stenosis it's when the cervix closes up completely this can happen after treatment beacuse the cervix is closed it means that the blood from your period can't get through. It sounds like you could possibly have this but you would need to speak to your Doctor.

Have you always had regualr periods before you had the treatment? xx

Thanks simone, 

No i was not told about this being a possible side effect,

definatly going To Give the doctor a call. And yes periods

have always been regular Xx


Have you been for your follow up smear yet? xx