lletz next week

so im due to have my first lletz next monday and was wondering if anyone could tell me what to expect during and afterwards, am from uk so know diff places might be different just want to go fully armed as getting anxious! !! 


Hey hun, are you having it under local or general? I can't answer about what happens during as I was outtas but afterwards I recommend a good couple of days off work and rest... Also chocolate and cuddles. Every woman is different with regards to after, some feel fine and hardly bleed, others have lots of bleeding and feel uncomfortable for a while. I'm quite lucky, so far, minimal cramps that can be solved with paracetamol and just yucky discharge that's like coal. All I wanna do is have a bath but alas gotta wait! 

The waiting is the worst bit by far. Its an anxious time and I hope you have support. This forum is amazing. I have met some amazing women on here 

, who have kept my head up and been an amazing source of comfort. Xxx

hi floppydoppy, I'm in the same situation as you, mine is in 2 weeks time. Isn't it horrible waiting and thinking about it, its so easy to freak yourself out. Its also hard to talk to anyone about the fear and apprehension, they don't seem to understand and just say "oh you'll be fine, don't think about it, its for the best". I'm having a local anaesthetic and have booked just that day off work, but I'm wondering whether to book a second day.

I will take some paracetemol an hour beforehand as its meant to ease it a little, and maybe a Kalms too! I'm bringing my mother who has been through it before years ago so will hopefully keep me calm. Are you bringing someone?

Hi floppypoppy 

Sorry to hear that you're having a worrying time. I wrote my first post today, detailing my own experience of having a colposcopy last month so feel free to read that if that helps. I can agree with most on this forum that the waiting and wondering is by far the worst part, the Lletz isn't painful, just a slight sting. Get plenty of rest afterward, stay in bed, watch movies, eat nice food. Not over doing it is key.

Best of luck to you.



Everyone is different... When I had my first LLETZ, a girl at uni had hers the day before too. She was fine and back to uni the next day,whereas I had heavy bleeding for about 10 days afterwards and felt very tired. I agree with BettyTwo's post earlier that you shouldn't exerise before you're supposed to - it will scab over and you need to let it heal properly.

Like Nia said, a few days resting (I'd have a few days off work), paracetamol and films! It's the perfect excuse to stay in and do nothing while you heal up :)

Hope it all goes well, I have mine on 12th Dec so I will be on here a bit if you need to talk. Lucy x

hiya thanks for all the response!! I'm due to have it under local as they don't do it under ga at my hospital. I think the punch biopsy is what's made me so worried as I felt everything and iy was bloody painful even tho my Dr said you shouldn't feel anything (obviously he doesn't have a cervix so shows how much he knows!!) and of course the waiting afterwards is scary, and yeah I get people saying oh youl be fine but its not just something you can bring up in conversation so its hard to talk to people about it I find!! But iv got my mum coming I and my husband waiting so fingers crossed chocolate and bed will be all I neeed!!! Just feeling a bit argh!!!! Cxxx

Perfectly normal to feel like that hun. One day I'll be fine and then another it's all emotional! This whole thing is a rollercoaster but you ain't riding it alone ;) xx