lletz next week 12 years no smear :(

Hi, I had a smear on 18/11/14 first one after 12 years (last one 2002 was also abnormal. But I was young and stupid) have high grade dyskaryosis, colposcopy booked for 5/12/14 all seems very quick and have no friends ever had this done. Very scared and worried, google is the last thing I want to look at! What does this mean and what is the likely outcome? Thankyou for reading x

Hi hon,

you are not alone here in having left it too long between smears. If I could turn back time, etc.

at your colposcopy they will do an internal examination not far off a smear test, they might dap some liquid on your cervix to show abnormalities, they might take some punch biopsies. It's all a little uncomfortable but doesn't really hurt. Although no harm in a couple of painkillers before you go! Bring a sanitary towel with you as you might spot a bit afterwards and the NHS ones are like nappies. Also bring a partner/friend/relative for company (although prob not for the actual examination!) and another pair of ears.

cant comment on outcome!

you might need a lletz to remove the abnormal cells, jos Trust has a useful fact sheet!

hope it goes well,

Molly xx

Hi Pinky, I had the same, my first smear was when I was 20 as that's the age they invited you then, it was insufficient but I never went back, then I think I fell through the cracks when they changed the age so I wasn't contacted until I switched to my new GP age 29.

Got the results as high grade and HPV+ (which I saw is HPV16 at my colp appointment), was going to book a phone appointment with the GP to discuss it but got my colp appointment through that day and it was for the Monday, less than a week after getting my results which sent me in a panic and straight to google, then into a spiral of tears for the next few days.  This place is your friend, google is not.

When I got to my appointment told them how I was worried about the speed of the appointment, I shouldn't have worried, turns out that they're just a dedicated department that do colp all day and were having a quieter time so it could be yours is just the same.

My results from LLETZ came after about 5 1/2 weeks and I had CIN3 but was told it was all removed and I have been referred back to the GP in 6 months for a follow up smear.

I hope this has helped a little.

Hi Pinky

Try not to worry.  The Misunderstood Tiger above is so right - Google is not your friend, but this place is. We worry when they see us really quickly and we worry when they make us wait! It just depends on the system they run in your area. You're being looked after now.

I didn't find the LLETZ too bad (had it under local) but was so wiped out afterwards I ended up having two weeks off work. Bad period pains that pm too - make sure you have pain killers and a  hot water bottle and you'll be fine. Do try and get someone to drive you home - I was too wobbly to drive that day. 

Don't beat yourself up about missing the smears but badger your friends into going for theirs! Quite a few friends and colleagues of mine are taking their smears more seriously now.

Take care and I hope you are feeling calmer very soon.

Kirsty xx

Hi pinky, Please don't beat yourself up about not attending smears. Some women find it a very daunting and scary experience. If they find something on a smear result my understanding is things move pretty quick however don't quote me on that. I was in the small minority of having clear smears but a rarer type of cancer which is not detected by screening. Please stay off google as its not your friend and a lot of the information is quite dated. This site is fantastic and the women who have gone through the same as you no doubt will be along to offer their advice and support. Let us know how you get on. Love lea xx

thank you all for your kind words.

I am a little more at ease now.

Is there any signs I should look for?

I've always had troubles with heavy periods and bleeding in between, had numerous tests and scans but nothing ever found.

Not once have they mentioned a smear or the such!


I'm grateful I don't have to wait long, but as you say, its sometimes more worrying when its so quick.

I recently had a baby, this makes me even more worried!

thanks again xxx