LLETZ - next day

Hi Ladies,

Please could you share your experience after lletz treatment? My sister diagnosed with CIN3 and she is scheduled for treatment next week. Please could you share how were you feeling after treatment and how much support you needed? I just want to be prepared as much as I can as I will be supporting her.

Many thanks

Hi Maria

A few experiences I had in the first 24-48 hours:

  • insomnia due to general anaesthetic but also complete exhaustion
  • bit weak/faint for the first 12 hours immediately after
  • cramping (akin to a bad period)
  • light bleeding (which a panty liner will do for her, but it looks and smells bad)
  • emotionally just a bit vulnerable
  • not hugely hungry

Hope that helps! Good luck to your sister!


Thank you HanRoSolo for sharing your experience. That’s very helpful :blush:

I really hope that you are well following your treatment!



It depends on how much tissue they remove. My first Lletz was awful i felt like death afterwards however i had a lot of tissue removed. My second i was a bit sore and the third which they did in theatre the most painful thing was the site of the spinal injection.

It varies between individuals most time ive ever taken off work has been 1 day. However i have worked from home. Biggest issue for me is lack of exercise as im a runner and have to have 4-6 weeks off after a treatment to prevent a serious bleed

I had mine last Friday and was a little sore after but fine the two days after that. Monday I started with black/brown discharge which continued Tuesday and today I’m bleeding and have cramping (like a heavy period). I also feel worn out and my husband said I look pale. I rang the doctors thinking maybe I have an infection but they said it’s all normal and could continue for up-to 4 weeks. My friend had it done last year and was absolutely fine afterwards. I hope all goes well for your sister, it’s great that she has you to care for her x