Lletz newbie

Hi everyone,

I’m new to this so I’m sorry if I have not posted this in the correct place…

I had my first smear test 2 years late (27) and it came back with high grade abnormalities. Anyway I went for my coloscopy on 29th Feb and had LLETZ there and then.

I had no bleeding, smells, discharge or anything after treatment until the 2nd day I noticed this strange metallic type of smell…I then came on my period 3 days after having LLETZ which was fine as that is when I was due and the smell disappeared. But now my period has near enough stopped I can smell that horrible smell again only this time its a lot stronger.

Iv had a break down today and bought a lot of femfresh products because I can smell it all day long. My partner said he has never smelt it or noticed it but I’m so paranoid that everyone can smell it.

About an hour ago I stood up off the sofa to take my son to bed and he said he thought someone had trumped (broke wind) but it was only me and him in the room so I know that he smelt it…well that was it…as soon as he was in bed I went down stairs and broke down crying on my partner and now I’m super worried if it is an infection or something.

I have no pain or bleeding or anything other than this unpleasant smell lingering around me…

I’m so sorry if its tmi and for the essay but it has got me feeling so low about myself and so worried. I don’t want to go to the doctors straight away incase it’s like I’m wasting there time.

Any advice anyone.

Thanks in advance x

Sounds like you might have an infection, I was told to watch out for abnormal bleeding or strong smells. You best get yourself off to go and get checked, you are not wasting their time and you may need some antibiotics x

You wouldn't be wasting the doctors time by getting checked out. After all it does say if you notice a smell it could be sign of an infection. 

I bet the smell isn't as noticeable as you think but can understand you feeling paranoid about it. Good luck hun x



I know how self conscious you must be feeling as I've been through something similar. I'm 2 weeks tomorrow post lletz and during the first few days the smell of metal was awful but I've read on here that it is quite normal due to the silver nitrate they apply to the wound. After a few days it stopped but then another smell happened can't describe it but was not metallic nor fishy just pure disgusting. I called my consultant at the hospital and she advised that if the smell was fishy then that would be one of the signs of infection but it is normal to have an odour cos your body is healing (contradicts the leaflet). What I'm trying to say is you're not alone and if you are worried give your consultant/gp a call. Oh and don't over wash I was told this will make the smell worse (all I wanna do is wash!!)


If you fancy a chat let me know



Thank you so much for your replies. It's horrible...the smell seems to have faded away. It's been 2 weeks on Monday since my lletz. I can still smell it but it's not half as much as I could before so hopefully it's disappearing. Now my problem is just being fed up!! Sorry for too much info but I am now getting a discharge quite a lot.  It's more like water than discharge...like mouldy water...feels like when your water breaks. It's awful..hope everything is going ok with you..

I'll be honest when I had the lletz I thought "this isn't so bad" because I had no bleeding or anything but after 5 days I was obviously corrected by my body lol. People don't tell you how emotionally draining it is afterwards.

Thanks again for everyone's replies x