LLETZ needed under GA as cells close to Vaginal wall?

Hi There I don't know if this is a long shot but would love to find someone in the same boat!

I have been reading this site since March 2013 where I had my first smear aged 24 - I got my letter 'inviting' me for my first smear and thought why not. I have a toddler so had no qualms about going for the smear. I was not even slightly worried about the results until i opened a brown envelope explaining I had 'severve abnormalities' Haven't really felt the same since!

I had the COLPOSCOPY AND LLETZ 12/03 - They explained it was quite a large area they could see but went ahead with the LLETZ. I think I held it together until the smell- Anyway i went away and recovered and waited patiently for the letter- Not so patiently actually I think the wait was equally as bad as the actual treatment. The letter eventually came and I read the words I have waited for 'TREATMENT SUCCESSFUL' Follow up smear booked for 6 months. Finally I could forget about it or at least push it to the back of my mind for 6 months.

6 months came round very fast and my follow up smear was here Thursday 17/09/2013. I was in and out in 15 minuets- no problem

On the following monday 23/09 I received a cal from my doctor asking if I was still in the care of the Woman's unit at the hospital which I advised I was, The doctor then advised the smear was severly abnormal again and to wait for contact from the hospital.

Waiting Again!

Appointment on Thursday 03/10 for colposcopy - Prepared my self for LLETZ again (I was truly dreading this time it as i knew exactly what to expect)

The Doctor that carried out the Colposcopy advised he needs to fetch the consultant to take a look ( I was crapping it at this point ) The consultant then had a look and said to the doctor he could see what the doctor meant- i was getting more worked up at this point. The consultant told me to sit up and explained that they can not carry out the LLLETZ today as there is quite a large area of cells that need removing and these spread down the cervix and are very close to the vaginal wall. He explained that if they were to do the LLETZ while I was awake there is a chance that if the vaginal wall was cut i would bleed profusely and would need to be rushed to theatre. HE explained that by doing lletz under GA my muscles will be relaxed and they can carry out the procedure.

My questions are - Has anyone else had this done? also if it is quite a large area will they be able to get it all out in one LLETZ while under GA?

Also could they have spread to the vaginal wall?

 Sorry to have gone on- I just feel like i'm waiiting for this appointment with next to no information!



Hi Hun,

I was also told I would need surgery under GA although Lletz probably isn't an option for me. 

During my colposcopy they found my abnormal cells had also spread to the vaginal walls & after biopsy results were back I was given a diagnosis of VAIN 111 which from what I can understand is pretty much the same as CIN 111 but on the walls rather than cervix. 

I meet a gynae-oncologist tomorrow to discuss treatmet options for CIS and VAIN. 

I didn't find much online about it spreading to the walls but I did see a post off a lady on here that she had Lletz on her cervix but then laser treatment around the edges and vaginal walls, all under a GA. 

Sorry im not more use to you but hope that maybe helps a tad.



Hi Sarah

first l am so sorry that you are having to go through this twice, no wonder you are scared and confused :-(

I havent had my lletz treatment yet, I have that joy to come this wednesday, but just so you know your not alone, I have to go under GA too. I bled quite badly when I had my colposcopy and biopsies, my cells are also on the outside of my cervix......she was worried I would bleed heavily and need stitches and also wanted better access......obviously this would be very uncomfortable under local. She did say it was because of their location she would need to take a large area too, so we are in the same boat and I imagine it must be normal procedure when the cells are located this way. Apparently they are more often that not located close to the middle.

ANyway....I will let you know how I go on....but the way I look at it is that at least we will have a really lovely sleep and let them get on with whatever it is they have to do without us being aware.

good luck xx

Johanna88 - Your post makes me feel alot better about the cells being close to the wall as I was worrying incase they had spread into the wall aswell but knowing that you are going to be treated for that makes me feel better- The unknown is so scary and I also always think of questions I should have asked while in the hospital! Thanks again. x


Jacwac2203 Im very glad I am going to be asleep this time just knowing what they are going to do and being awake and waiting for it was a very daughting prospect! Yes please let me know how you get on- Its lovely to hear someones oppinion that is going through the same thing! Wishing you all the luck for Wednesday! x