Lletz -need info - urgent please


I had my smear test results coming as moderate ( high grade ) dyskaryosis.

After colposcopy (NO BIOPSY TAKEN) nurse confirm that she found small area consistent with CIN 2. She recommended loop cone biopsy.

I have been to private clinic yeaterday, dr have said to me that it is quite strange to give diagnosis about CIN without taking biopsy first. He said that if I will go ahed with treatment it may

show that I had only CIN1 or none or in worse scenario  CIN3.

But it seems like roulette. I am very confused and upset. Of course if I will find out it was only Cin 1 I will be happy but at same time very angry that I went to have unnecessary treatment which cost me a lot of nerves.

Shall I request from GP second opinion?? Will they do that??

Can anybody help on that??

My another question is about healing process. After treatment, will there be any scar on my cervix that will be visible to the rest of my life?? Or it will heal completly and there will be no sing of it at all??

I hope someone is reading this and will give ma answer asap. My treatment date is coming next week. Please HELP!!!

And as well - does anasthetic hurt???? I am so scared of it. I am having needles fobia !!


Hi - Well I have just had LLETZ for CIN3 and providing i dont have anything worse than that (example Cervical Cancer) then I will fine to go on and have babies etc. the procedure didnt hurt at all and to be honest I weouldnt take a gamble that it is CIN1 if it is possibly CIN3. I would get a second opinion for sure. A Biopsy should of been taken but I think it's a good sign that they felt they didnt have to. But don't rely on that xxx


With my experience I got a Colposcopy & Biopsy done at the same time which showed CIN 3.

I believe that you should have had a biospy to show exactly what degree of CIN was present as there are different treatments available for different grade.

As far as the anaesthetic goes, for me I didnt feel it but with others they might have.  If its any consolation the anaesthetic was the best part of the experience.

My advice to you would be if you are unsure about anything, speak to your GP and ask for their advice.

The healing process, with my experience has been pretty easy going. I barely bled and have only had slight discharge.

As regards to scarring, I'm no doctor but Im sure as the cells grow back and the scab goes I believe it should be minimal.

The only thing that  I have heard is that if you have more than 2 LLETZ treatments you may need a cervical stitch in pregnancy.

I hope everything falls into place for you and I wish you the best of luck whatever you decide to do.


Best Wishes xxx