Lletz loop procedure gone wrong


Not sure if anyone else has had this experience but I had a bad smear result two years running, this year they sent me a letter saying I had pre cancerous tissue and needed to go in for this routine procedure. After reading up on the procedure I saw that it was a normal and common routine thing that would take top end of 10 minutes.

When I got there they explained what it would feel like to have the local anesthetic (the nurse was fab). I felt a mild discomfort but nothing more. Then the procedure began. They told me there was a lot of tissue to be removed and he was going to use several small loops to remove the bad tissue. As he began i felt a lot of pain, so much so that I had to be given more local anesthetic on two occasions. The procedure lasted for over 45 minutes, the whole time I was in pain. There was a lot of blood as well.

But this wasn’t the end of it. I then got an infection, so went to my GP and got a prescription of antibiotics. But a week after this (10 days after the procedure) I hemorrhaged, I lost over two pints of blood in the matter of a few hours. At this point there was very little pain (maybe because i was in shock?) I learnt that I was prescribed the incorrect antibiotics. So after a night in hospital I was given two types of antibiotics, pain relief and iron tablets.

Again this was not the end of the matter. I have been back to the hospital twice in severe pain, they have tried giving me more antibiotics and telling me I had PID but there was zero infection. They have been fobbing me off since and four months on I am still suffering. I had to go back to my GP to get referred back to the colposcopy clinic where I am going on Thursday.

I am really worried about what is wrong with me now, everything has gone through my head, but the only logical thing I can think is that something went wrong with the original procedure. Has anyone else had a similar expereince?

May 2014 first smear - abnormalities found
July 2014 Biopsy - only mild abnormalities
May 2015 second smear - abnormalities found
June 2015 Biopsy - received letter saying I had pre cancerous tissue
July 2015 Lletz loop procedure
August 2015 Hemorrhaged
August 2015 back to hospital in severe pain
September 2015 back again in sever pain (tried diagnosing me with PID - GP strongly disagreed with the diagnosis)
Late September 2015 back to GP with severe pain - refferal to colposcopy clinic

Aww you have really been through the mill havent you.  Sorry I havent experieced the same as you after my loop but I do hope that you get to the bottom of what's wrong soon and are out of pain. 


Thank you :) 

I have a diagnostic laparoscopy on Tuesday, so got everything crossed they find out what has gone wrong