Lletz - less scary

hi all, i have posted on here a couple of times but heres a bit of an update. i had my Lletz treatment today and i wanted to reasure some people that are yet to have theirs. i have seen a few stories on here of people that have had bad experiences of pain or rude staff. i would just hope that no one else has an experience like that an wish you one like mine.


although the machine they use to earth you. (just a sticky pad on your leg) failed to work at first. the doc had to go an get another machine. it was not a bad experience at all. i had a male doc and two female nurses. they all made me feel very at ease. talking about everyday things and genuinly seemed interested. and constantly asked if i was ok. i was also fully informed what was happening at every stage and what to expect next.


i guess the reason i am posting is i know its a very emotional and stressful time for us all and just wanted to give a little comfort. Even though i know i will have slight pain for few days an maybe 4weeks of bleeding, i have been having abnormal bleeding anyways an i can always take painkillers. as you can prob tell i am trying to kick myself up the bum to be positive now after everything. but its out of my hands so no point stressing too much. just 3weeks to wait for my results now lol.


anyone want to chat or add anything feel free and thanks. always nice to talk to other people going thorugh the same. makes it less scary. :) x

Hi, i had my treatment 2 and a half weeks ago, couldnt agree more it really wasnt as scary as id imagined, I had to wait just under 2 weeks for my results, (all cin removed another smear in 6 months). I would definately try keep busy and as you say try not to stess. Hope you get your results back soon! :) x

thanks hun. glad they got all yours and gl for your next smear. x

Hello :)

Im playing the waiting game too, after having the lletz on 21st Feb. I also had a very positive experience at Lletz appointment, which was so important for me as I was shaking like a leaf and thinking the worst. The nurses and doctors were really great and I was given information on what to ask for at the GP surgery in the event of infection. As it happened, I did get an infection and found it very helpful to know that I neednt be examined by anyone else before being given antibiotics. I was dreading being poked and prodded all over again, but it wasnt necessary after I showed the doctor the letter from hospital with all the blurb on.

I am two weeks down the line now, but still bleeding (like moderate period) but with no other discomfort to speak of. I have started eating a super healthy diet, mainly just because I want to suppress this HPV virus and I cant think of anything else constructive and positive to do with my time as Im awaiting the biopsy results. Glad you had a good experience. Fingers crossed for a positive outcome for us all :) xxx

Thank you for posting this.

I have my colpscopy on Monday and I'm so stupidly nervous.

However, it's really reassuring to hear about other people's experiences of the whole thing.

Hope that your results are all good and that the three week wait isn't too unbearable xx

thanks girls for the reply. i knew to expect pain but i am having it when i didnt think i would (like pooping, sorry tmi). and my son has been jumping on me today so im a bit tender. hes only 2. so my advice for anyone is just be careful. i have done normal things but feeling bit fragile. let me know how you all get on x