Lletz infection

I've noticed a whiffy cabbage smell lurking and was told it's probably Lletz infection. Saw advanced practitioner today who prescribed a one pill anti fungal tablet  but I was expecting antibiotics? 

That's strange. I had infection after 1st lletz, didn't notice any smell but had bright red bleeding which was put down to infection stopping the healing process. If it's infection you will need antibiotics x

My sister and I both got an infection after LLETZ. We were both prescribed antibiotics (although different ones) for two weeks. 

I have a lletz infection went too doctors yesterday signed off work for a week and 2 antibiotics x

I had a suspected infection after both my LLETZ treatments. They sealed off the bleeding with silver nitrate and was given antibiotics both times.

i would ring colposcopy clinic to be honest. The nurse you saw may not have any experience of this, whereas colp will deal with it every day.


Hope things improve quickly x