Lletz Infection Advice ( again sorry!!)

Hi Ladies,


i had had my lletz on the 23rd April and unfortunately suffered a nasty infection post lletz. I did post on here for some advice at the time. Thank you so much for your kind comments and words. 

My consultant was brilliant and signed me off work for 10 days and provided a course of antibiotics and I had really started to perk up.  However over the weekend we had my sons 6th birthday party.  I was of course running around like a mad women for two days and probably not resting as much as I should.   My bleeding had reduced pretty much to nothing by this point.  However after the party I discovered I had a large bleed of very fresh blood.   I am about half way through a ten day course of antibiotics. I'm thinking I have probably just overdone it a little but am a bit concerned that the infection may have reoccurred.  I'm probably over reacting but wondered if you ladies had experienced anything similar ? 


Jane x