Lletz in a large area


I´m new posting here, but reading you since I got my results has being really helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

For context, I was diagnosed with HPV+ and low-grade dyskaryosis last January. The colposcopy results came back as CIN1, CIN2 and small areas of CIN3, and then got referred to LLETZ at the end of May.

My LLETZ was rescheduled, so a more specialised doctor could carry out the procedure… because apparently the abnormal cells were covering a very large area, and therefore a larger section of the cervix had to be removed. This was kind of shocking, and nothing was really explained to me before or after.

Now I´m waiting for the results and quite anxious about it. Has anyone had a large area removed as well? How did it go? How was recovery?

Thanks a lot,


Hello Elia I had a very large area removed for CIN3 the treatment for me was totally painless I was really happy when I left the doctor on the day of the surgery because it went very well had local anesthetic and couldn’t feel anything. The recovery I believe because the area was quite large is been a bit slower than what I read from other women in this site tomorrow will be 4 weeks and I still take paracetamol now and then for the pain but I guess everyone is different. Good luck and don’t worry too much about the surgery is very fast

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