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Hey, I’m 42 and due to have my first LLETZ treatment on Monday. I’m so scared anxious. I’m not good with injections. Does this treatment hurt? The healing affects seem to sound horrible. I have CIN1 CIN2 - any help reassurance would be great x

Hi @Lou1

I’m sorry you’re feeling so anxious, you’re certainly not alone - it’s completely normal to feel this way, especially if you’re not sure what to expect.

I had LLETZ 6 weeks ago today, so hopefully my experience will ease your worries. The procedure itself is uncomfortable but not unmanageable. If you’re having LA you will have a couple of injections into the cervix to numb you, then the colposcopist will use the loop excision tool to excise the cells (for me this only took 2 mins - I was so shocked!), then the cauterising tool to seal the wound. It’s a bit noisy and there’s a slight smell of burning, but in all honesty it’s all over very quickly. The colposcopist will talk you through why you’re having the procedure, everything that’s going on, and what to expect next. They’re so reassuring and really great at what they do.

Next comes the recovery and I will admit it’s as much emotional as it is physical. I cried for days at the smallest of things but have been reassured that this is completely normal due to hormones and the experience of having intimate surgery.

The physical recovery really varies by person but there’s a lot you can do to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible for you. I was exhausted so I slept a lot and felt guilty for doing so, but this is your body telling you it’s time to rest and recover. Really rest up and take it easy for 4 weeks minimum, no heavy lifting, no strenuous exercise (gentle walks should be okay just be mindful not to overdo it). No baths, swimming or sex of any kind to allow the cervix to heal and avoid infection.

You’ll experience some cramping for a while but for me this was no worse than usual. Bleeding may start right away, or at the 10-14 day mark when the scab falls away and there may be some little bits of burnt tissue with it too. The watery discharge and wearing pads for a few weeks was the most annoying part.

All in all, it’s not as bad as your worries will have you believe. You’re doing a great thing for your body and overall health, please be kind to yourself during recovery and don’t overdo it. A hot water bottle and lots of chocolate did the trick for me, and tonight I’m going to celebrate my 6 weeks with a bath!

Best of luck with the procedure and take care xx

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Hi, thank you so much for your lovely kind and supportive message.
So much detail has reassured me about what will happen. I don’t feel I’ll be able to relax until after it all happened. So hard not to think about it.
Good to know about the healing and taking time and not over do it.
I hope you enjoy your bath with lots of bubbles and some chocolate xx
So good to chat to people who are going through all the same . Big hugs xx
I let you know how I’m doing x


Hi @Lou1 i had a LLETZ procedure back in November for CGIN (I’m 45). The procedure itself was carried out really quickly and the doctor and nurses were great. There were 2 nurses and a student present in the room along with the doctor. I was given an option to watch the procedure on a monitor but chose not to as I can be a little squeamish about needles. I can tell you now, hand on heart that I never felt one thing and found the entire experience no different to a smear, aside from it taking a little longer. Some people report a nip when the anaesthetic is being put in, but I didn’t feel it at all. And I certainly did not feel any sensation during the tissue removal and cauterisation. Having read many, many messages on here, I can say that most people report the same as me, so please try not to worry about the procedure (easier said than done, I know!).
After treatment I got back into my car, drove to the nearest town and treated myself to a nice lunch before collecting the kids from school - business as usual.
Finally, like the majority of people who undergo LLETZ (statistically more than 90%) the treatment was successful - the tissue was removed with clear margins.
Good luck with the procedure and let us know how you get on x

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Hey, thought I’ll let you know I did it and no tears! It was painful with the injection and uncomfortable procedure but so proud of myself.
Feeling quite washed out and low, and emotional - no bleeding as yet but dull cramps all the time. Even with parcentamol!
Hope everyone doing ok too x


Hey @Lou1 well done! I’m glad to hear it all went well and wasn’t as bad as you feared! What you’re feeling is totally normal and should ease as the weeks go by. I found doubling up paracetamol with ibuprofen helped with the pain. Take it easy and rest as much as you feel you need physically and emotionally xx

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I see the OP has had the procedure and it went ok thankfully, but replying anyway in case anyone else clicks on the topic. I had mine yesterday, it’s not a pleasant procedure but the NHS staff were stars. The consultant explained everything to me beforehand and was so calm and reassuring. The nurse kept patting me on the shoulder and saying are you ok, you’re doing really well, it’s nearly over. I didn’t feel the injection for the local, but I had taken paracetamol before leaving the house. I feel so grateful to have had this treatment delivered so quickly and with such care and professionalism and all for free.


Get rest xx

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