LLetz Help!!

Hi ladies i need someone to tell me im not crazy!!

I had a second LLetz on monday, was worse this time with more cervix taken away and trouble with bleeding that could not be stopped!

Anyway, i am now on day 2 and the pain is horrendous, with my first procedure i developed a period ache which was uncomfortable but this time it is consistent and in my back and tops pf my legs. My stomach is incredibly bloated which is causing a horrible feeling of fullness and again pain!

Part of me wants to ring the gp as feel generally awful, cold, tired and grouchy, plus the pain meds im taking arent working, but i keep second guessing myself that actually im making a fuss over nothing!

Really confused right now and dont know what to do! Hubby just says i expect its painful but isnt that what happened last time? So again making me wonder if im causing unnessicary fuss!

Sorry to rabbit on just stuck!!


Many Thanks xxxxx






Sorry to hear you’re so uncomfortable, you know your body best and having been through it before, if you really don’t feel right then I would contact the GP even if it’s to put your mind at ease. I had my LLETZ last month and I actually phoned the colposcopy clinic as even the receptionists there are used to dealing with LLETZ related questions and problems so might be worth asking them 1st…You’ll probably get an answer quicker than from the GP (in my experience). You did only have the procedure a couple of days ago though so it’s not unusual that you would be experiencing some pains…If you don’t mind me asking when did you have your 1st lletz procedure? x


Hi again, Just seen your previous post that your 1st LLETZ was only earlier this year, I'm no Doctor :-) but maybe your cervix is just much more sensitive and still recovering from the previous treatment and that's why the pain is more intense this time around. I saw also from a previous post that you were considering requesting a cone biopsy for your CGIN cells....Did you ask the Dr about this? xx

Hi VickyP, i have rang the docs now as its  soo much more painful than before, its the leg pain im struggling with most, i had my first LLetz done exactly 8 weeks ago.

Maybe you are right and the lletz are just too close together, i did mention the cone biopsy but my consultant said they avoid them nowadays as the lletz is a better form of removal. i have to wait to hear about these results and if no clear margins its a 3rd lletz or a hysterectomy.

I just feel like such a wimp! xx

Hi Boggis :-)

You aren't a wimp! Pain hurts! It would be nice if your hubby were a tad more sympathetic or understanding but maybe he's just one of those chaps who doesn't do empathy awfully well. I've got one of those ;-) In your shoes I'd wrap up in a duvet on the couch with a glass of wine and watch a good film.

Be lucky ;-)



Thanks Ladies, got docs at 5.10 so happy with just something a little stronger! x

Hey ladies, just wanted to say i have been to docs and hava a nasty water infection and possible infection at lletz site so this would account for the pain! Feel better knowing i wasnt mad , i knew something was wrong!! Thank you for your replies xx