LLETZ help me please

I really need some help.
I had LLETZ for CIN2 a few weeks ago and I found out they removed 20x15x15mm of cervix. I’m gutted. Why did they remove this much?
I’ve heard that women with CIN3 have this much removed but I was only stage 2?
I read that greater than 1cm you’re at risk of pre term babies and miscarriage.
I’ve not even had babies yet and I want them so badly.
I’m freaking out why they took so much? I can’t get hold of a gynaecologist and the receptionist said she would write to me.
I’ve been in tears majority of the day, sat in bed. I feel mortified that they took that much away and I don’t have any answers as to why.
I’m 27 without children and she reassured me that it wouldn’t be that much.

Please someone help :frowning:

Do you know what the depth was? I’m assuming it was 15mm. My first lletz was 15mm depth. I then had another 7mm taken. I believe there is less risk to subsequent pregnancies if you have less than 10mm taken. However, if you only have one procedure this is also a factor as there is less risk following one procedure than if more treatment is needed. It’s a balance between ensuring treatment is successful and preserving as much of the cervix as possible for future pregnancies. Speak to your consultant as they will be able to clarify with you and hopefully reassure.

Hey, yeah I’m guessing it’s 15mm. I was under the impression it would be less than 10. I could even remember her saying 5mm so I’m thinking maybe she used the wrong instrument. I can’t get hold of her at the moment because she’s on annual leave but I’ve got a very bad feeling that this was not the intended depth.
When she was about to do the incision and chosing the tool I heard her say “I will use this one because it’s only a small one” um? 15mm is not small at all…
I’ve not actually slept. I feel like I’ve been completely defaced. I have had non stop panic attacks since finding out (I’ve never had one before and usually quite a chill person).

I’m sorry you’re feeling like this. When I had my first lletz I also felt horrible. I would describe it as mutilated. It was horrible. It takes time but you will feel better. Please talk to your colposcopist and if needed, speak to your doctor about your struggles. Help is available. I had a surprise because they found microscopic cancer in my first lletz, hence I had another one. The second time they took 7mm which was completely clear. So although I didn’t need the second lettz I was so grateful to have it confirmed that I was free of any abnormalities. I suppose this experience has left me feeling grateful for the service because although it’s tough on women the alternative could potentially be so much worse. Take care of yourself. Xx