Lletz GA yesterday for CIN3/CGIN

Hi all.

i had lletz under GA yesterday as the week before I was scheduled to have lletz with local and on examination the doctor said it was too severe and close to my vaginal walls. A second doctor came in for a 2nd opinion and they both agreed GA but urgent and only with a specific lead colposcopist surgeon which worried me slightly. 


I have high grade CGIN and CIN and HPV


Yesterday  was fine just quite a wait on the ward and feeling dreadful waking up for, GA very dizzy and sick and hot. My mum wheeled me out on a wheelchair to my boyfriends car and it was awful I was very grumpy and very sleepy.


feeling slight discomfort today, feel like I've had surgery on my bladder/bowls rather than lady parts! 

The surgeon came to speak to me before and advised what would happen and that they will only take what is necessary and will go slightly further back but not too much as I'm only 24 (this was my first smear) and I do not have children.


i have a wait of four weeks but if I need more treatment, i.e if the margins aren't clear or they find something more severe, I really don't know how to feel as it's such an anxious and painful process the actual treatment and waiting etc and also not being able to do every day things. 


My my boyfriend is being very supportive and my parents and work are great too. 


The surgeon didn't come and speak to me after and they said that she would, do you think I could call the hospital and ask her to explain how it went? 


She said before she may have to put some dissolvable stitches in etc but I've been told nothing.


sorry to ramble on. I'm also wondering how much time off work you had? They told me I can self certify my sick note for the first week but I was hoping to go back in Friday.


im a vet receptionist but also run the grooming parlour and pet shop so lifting is done on a daily basis and handling dogs (helping fit harnesses etc on customers dogs) but luckily I can sit down quite a lot if necessary.


many thanks to anyone who has read this xxx (also I've typed the lying down in my iPad so sorry for any mistakes!)

Hi Bunny

I also had LLETZ under GA, but luckily mine was on a Friday, so I had the weekend to recover. It sounds like your body took the GA worse than mine - honestly when I woke up I felt much the same as I do when I wake up in the morning! I did have a spinny head for about 3 days afterwards though, not fall-over dizzy, but not normal either.

I was back at work on the monday, but I have a desk job (computer programmer) so no heavy lifting involved, and I can also work from home. If it's any help as to what to expect, I think I would have had Monday and Tuesday off if, for example, I had to be commuting into London by train each day. Since about Weds (5 days after the op) I have felt quite normal though.

Re your job, I think the lifting will be the problem, unless you can get someone else to come and do that bit for you. I know that after the biopsies, I was talked into a ride out on my (very large and heavy) motorbike, and it made me bleed a bit and feel a bit tender inside. So post-LLETZ I am definitely going to take it easy for a few weeks.

Mine seemed to be healing up pretty well, until Sunday when of all things I sneezed really hard, felt something tweak inside, and was bleeding for a good few days afterwards!!

Hope you're feeling back to normal soon. In my experience, it doesnt take too long (thank goodness)

x x


Hello :) I'm 25 and had abnormal results from my first smear so I know how scary the not knowing is. That's a shame they didn't come and tell you how it went but I guess that means there weren't any complications, no harm in ringing to ask for a bit of reassurance. I would recommend taking a week off and then try going back and see how you get on. I had my lletz under local and felt fine the first few days then started to go downhill so just remember to take it easy and give your body time and energy to heal. I know this whole thing is a pain in the bum to say the least but just focus on the fact you're in good hands, it's likely you won't need any more procedures now but in the unlikely event that you do, it's better to be getting it sorted so you can get on with your life. All the best for your results, let us know how you get on. Xxx

Hi Elise


thank you for your reply. It does sound like you recovered from the GA welll which is good.


Yes when I woke up I felt very groggy, hot sweats, felt like I was going to pass out  and be sick. my mum was struggling to wheel me out and kept laughing I was not amused lol.


thank you for your advice I'm contemplating having the rest of the week off and going back Monday but I dont get sick pay and already had quite a lot of time off due to different appointments plus had a bad stomach bug for three days also! 


Thank you 

Hi Jojo

>Sorry to hear what you have been through and so young, your advice and seeing your little history has made me feel at ease as we are a similar age and experiences, you have been so brave and seem very positive and strong, I am trying to be.

I have left a message for the surgeon to give me a call back as I want to know if it went ok and how much was taken away. My mum is looking after me today she's jsut made me laugh and it really hurt. It almost feels like I've had surgery on my stomach or bowels as it is tender and I keep getting twinges there. I hope your results come back clear and everything goes well for you. 

i I find it hard keeping up to date with all these forum posts but please keep in touch x

Hi Bunny Girl, I thought about you around the 11th & 12th, we are probably in different time zones so I wasn't sure exactly when you were having your LLETZ.  My job is pretty demanding, on my feet for 8hrs, lots of lifting, & working at a fast pace - I really struggled with exhaustion for a good 10 days after my LLETZ, & if I lifted anything too heavy it would cause an increase in bleeding & pain.  For me the general period type pain didn't last long, but even now 3 weeks on I have to be careful not to lift anything too heavy as I can feel it hurting & know I still need to go easy.

I wished I had been able to take off more time, & my advice for anyone in a rather physical job is that if you can afford to take off a full week to go ahead & do it, if not maybe look into going back sooner but on reduced hours or light duties for a couple of days so you can ease back into it & see how you go.  I don't think your job would be as demanding as mine, but I had LLETZ under local, & GA may make you a bit more tired?  All the best *hug*

Hi ElioraArin,

Where are you from sorry? I had mine 11th around 2:30pm. Thank you for thinking of me. Yes your job does sound too physical to go back to soon and recover fully.


to be honest I don't feel all that bad it keeps coming and going. Ideally I was thinking of going back tomorrow and I have work all weekend but I do feel quite tired.


im going to see how today goes as il be moving around slightly more and going to my parents for the afternoon. My work understand about the lifting, I just don't want to feel inadequate at my job. 


Thank you for your advice and fingers crossed for your results xx

I am in New Zealand.  Good luck with going back to work, I am sure you won't have too much trouble if your employer is so understanding :)  Just remember not to expect too much of yourself & to listen to your body, there is no shame in taking a step back for a while to make sure you recover as quickly & fully as possible!  I'm glad everything went so well for you, hopefully you won't be waiting too long on your results & will soon be able to put all of this behind you :)

Hi all, I seem to feel worse today and felt worse yesterday after having a shower so I've decided to go back to work on Monday.

My boyfriend has been so good looking after me and now he has man flu :/ typical lol! 

Fingeres crossed not not too long wait on results!