lletz found both types of cancer

Hi I had a colposcopy in October where they done a lletz. I had a follow up on 23rd December where I was told that they found and removed  both types of cancer. They performed another lletz to ensure they got it all. I just wondered if anyone else had this and the chances that it was all removed previously. The doctor kept telling me that for my own convenience I should have a hysterectomy as if not I would have to come back for a check up every 6 month's. I'm just concerned about having a hysterectomy due to the changes it makes to your body I'm 25 with 2 young children and I don't want any more but my mum was concerned about my bones etc. So wondered if anyone had any advice of whether I should just have a hysterectomy or just go to my check ups every 6 month's.



Aww bless you hunni big hugs if the docs r recamending one i personily would have it x did they not tell you they founf cancer befor dec :( xx

No they told me at my follow up appointment but have said it was a small amount and they removed it. I was just confused as she wasn't saying she recommended it for anything other than my own convenience as I would have to go every 6 month's but I don't really see that as a major inconvenience obviously if they have found more with these next results they will give me one anyway but if they don't do you think I'll be fine leaving it a while? I don't mind going every 6 month's x

Hmm if they say they got it all i dn no y they r saying about the hyst  n if you next results com back clear n u dont mind going 6 month jus o that thn hun xxxxx

Confusing isn't it! After she done the first lletz she was adamant she saw no cancerous cells but then the test obviously came back with both types so I'm guessing I just need to wait for next results they just take so long! I'd rather know now than wait even longer! I might make an appointment with my own gp see If he can shed any light! It's just annoying as . Took my mum with me as I tend to not take information in that well if it's bad news and my mum's confused too even more so as the doctor was really trying to get me to have a hysterectomy despite saying they should''ve got it all last time! Sorry for going on lol it may be because I didn't cope too well with the lletz they think I May just have a really sensitive cervix as even with the anaesthetic I can feel it all and end up crying so she may be suggesting it so I don't have to do that again xx

Wow! A hysterectomy is a huge deal so be told this with little advice is a real biggie. I would definitely go to see the GP and ring the hospital to talk to the consultant again or the specialist nurse. You needs details and reasons, not just to be told that you won't have to go back every 6 mths for checks. I've had A hysterectomy and I will be on 3 mths check ups for 2 yrs then 6 mths checks for another 3 yrs. other procedures such as the cone treatment and trachelectomy need to be discussed too.

good luck matey x