Lletz for cin111 6 months after lletz for cin 111 help?

 I'm hoping to hear from someone in the same boat who turned out to be ok down the line and for the second lletz to have worked. I have cin 3 again and am due to have another lletz just 6 months after going through the same thing, I'm very worried that it might be worse than cin 3 but I'm trying to get into a positive frame of mind and it would help if i heard from someone who has been through similar. I'm not worried about having the lletz again, I'd go have it now if i could, it's the worry of the results of that being worse than cin 3 or it not working.

hi sunnyday - I'm not quite in the same situation as you are, keep in mind everyone is different.  Here in america, its called a leep, and my procedure was done due to my age, and the fact that my pap was cin lll, and the biopsy just showed very mild dysplasia.  A friend took me to the hospital for the procedure - my husband, having just started a new job a month ago, couldn't take off from work, and I totally understand and agree with that.  Having finally found permanent employement was more important to our family as a whole, than a 30 minute procedure - anyhow, I digress.  The surgeon came out and told my friend that he couldn't really see anything abnormal and he's confident they got everything.  I await the results come Nov. 13.  I'm still very afraid of the results, even though everyone else is confident and positive.  This is a very difficult thing for someone to go through personally.  My stepdad is going through chemo for stage 4 colon cancer.  He has more energy now than he's had in a long time, and that was just after two rounds!  He's not sick, has not lost his hair yet, but they told him he will.  Not that he has much to lose as it is, haha!  I guess I'm just trying to quell your fears.  Its much easier said than done, believe me, I know.  I'm still trying to give myself this same pep talk!  I had the EXACT same fear that you do, that I would have something worse than cin3, and that I would be the one that procedures fali.  But please don't ever think you're not worth anything, and that you don't deserve to continue to treat yourself to life little luxuries...because you're still a person - a woman- who still deserves to live your life.  Don't stop living - thats the worst thing you can do.