Lletz for cgin

Hi, I’m hoping somebody might have similar experience they can share?

i had a colposcopy following an abnormal smear and my results showed high grade cgin. I’m booked for a lletz on Monday under GA. The nurse aaid they prefer to treat cgin under GA partly because I’m so nervous but also to ensure they get a good look and the best chance to treat.

However I’ve been doing some research most of which says a cone biopsy is more usual for cgin. 

Has anyone had cgin successfully treated just with lletz? I’m worried that I’ll end up having to go back for further treatment if they can’t get it all with lletz and part of my would rather they just did more on this first one. 



Hi i had CGIN, i had a colposcopy and LLETZ treatment same day. I had it done under LA. It took around 25 mins to do. Ive to go back in 6 months for a test of cure. X

I also have CGIN and like Jayne I had a colpo and Lletz on the Same day, under a local. I can’t say yet if it was successful as I haven’t had my results but I asked my nurse (as I’d also read about done biopsy) and she said her experience is that they always start with a Lletz. If it is not sufficient they may go for another Lletz going a bit deeper, then they may talk other treatments. It seems to differ from area to area but it definitely sounds like you’re having the very standard routine course of treatment and from what I understand they have a fairly high success rate. Good luck xx