LLETZ for Cervical Cancer

Ive recently been diagnosied with Cervical Cancer. I had HPV 3 years running with negative cytology. I was referred to colposcopy and again surface cells all normal. They took a biopsy with the plan to return me to 3 yearly recalls. But the biopsy was a shock diagnosis as it confirmed Grade 1 Cervical cancer. I was told during oncology appointment that the cancer is in the glands of the cervix rather than the surface. I had an MRI and CT this weekend to stage it, and this morning have had a call to book me in for a LLETZ procedure this week. I don’t understand why they’re doing a LLETZ if the cells are in the glands of the cervix, not the surface? She discussed with me the potential for a hysterectomy - which i am ok with if this is the way forward - but again, if this is the answer - why have a LLETZ?

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I’m really sorry to hear about your diagnosis, I have a very similar experience to you. It was confirmed that I had cervical cancer (glandular) I had also had another LLETZ treatment which is really to get more information to help them stage and decide on your treatment plan - what kind of hysterectomy you may need etc
I had a full hysterectomy with pelvis lymph nodes removal on Saturday. I hope your treatment goes well x

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Thankyou for replying. I’ve been for LLETZ this morning. Consultant was so nice and explained just as you said to get more histology to help plan treatment. I should get results of this and my MRI and CT scan in a couple of weeks so I hopefully then will have a plan of treatment/procedures needed.
I hope your Op goes well. It’s horrible isn’t it to be in this situation. I’ve been an emotional mess since diagnosis, l and thinking the worst! I hope I will be better once all results are in. All the best for you on Saturday x


Thank you, I had my op last Saturday so a few days into the recovery. Just waiting on my biopsy results from womb / lymph nodes to see if I need any radiotherapy treatment. I was graded at 1a2 before my op, so fingers crossed.
It’s the worse feeling ever, the waiting for scan results is honestly the worse part…it will start to feel better. Please feel free to message me if you need a chat or anything, sending you lots of positive thoughts. You’ve got this :blush:

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Had my diagnosis of Adenocarcinoma on Monday 12/2/24 and had MRI and CT over the last two days. Also booked in for a further lletz which I was confused about so thanks for explaining the reasoning behind this as hysterectomy and possible radiotherapy discussed. Can I ask when do you they tell you what grade CC you have? And did you get your MRI and CT results before your lletz?
Kind regards

I had my grade when I went to see the oncologist for my 2nd lletz results, also had my CT / MRI results on the day on my lletz treatment. Hope your doing ok, it all seems to crazy doesn’t it….what your going through is probably the worse bit.

I had my biopsy results from my hysterectomy today - which was all clear

Please let me know if there’s anything I can help with at all - take care x

Thanks so much, I’m finding it hard dealing with the anxiety of waiting, that’s definitely been the worse part so far. The consultant is doing my second lletz so I’m going to go in with a list of questions this time. Thanks so much for your support and so glad your results are positive. Big hugs and have a lovely day

I think that’s the best thing to do, hopefully your next lletz results won’t take to long either. I really struggled too, doesn’t matter what anyone’s says you can’t help but worry. It’s such a terrible thing to do through, I tried to keep busy but it was hard to concentrate! When you know where you are you feel better……promise it does get easier. Take care and stay strong x

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Thankyou so much for support :heart:

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