LLETZ follow up after 4 weeks. Worried!

Hi Ladies,


Having a bit of a tough time regarding my LLETZ results. Had a colposcopy on 26th April due to irregular bleeding. Biopsy results came back as CIN2-3. Had a LLETZ treatment on 26th July and was told I would receive a follow up appt for 6 months later. A week after I received my appt for Feb.


Received a letter yesterday for an appt at the gynaecology clinic to see the doctor who did my treatment on Thurs 22nd Aug which is a week tomorrow, there is no information on the letter as to what the appt is for. I’m really worried as I don’t know anyone this has happened to and from the older posts I have read on here it’s almost always bad news.


I rung the hospital to see if the can shed any light on what my appointment is for, they said they can’t discuss anything over the phone (alarm bells in my head) and the gynaecology clinic for tomorrow is already overbooked. Rung my doctor and they haven’t had any correspondence from the hospital since the letter for my Feb appt.


Help! Is there anything I can do to put my mind at rest? Thinking maybe ring the hospital in the morning to see if they have any cancellations for tomorrow clinic.



Hi Katy.

Sorry to hear you’ve been called in… Waiting is horrendous! Makes everything feel a thousand times worse!

However I would say to you that don’t assume it’s bad news… When I was called back after my Lletz i was asked to come in the next day… I wouldn’t of thought they’d leave you for a whole week if it is bad news… And many women on here were called in the next day and some even over the phone.
Also the fact that you’ve had your results in a letter is good… Although of course you’re scared that you’ve been called in.

Definately give them a call tomorrow for a cancellation!

My best advice is to keep busy!! … Do the things you want to do, see the people you love and if you don’t want to do something don’t! You’re allowed to be selfish!

Take care

Em xx

Hi Katy,

I am only seeing this now. Did you get your appointment for yesterday? How did everything go? I hope it was just a routine appt to talk you through everything or you possibly had the LLETZ treatment? Waiting really is awful and I hope you are doing ok, X

Hi ladies,

Unfortunately it was bad news for me. Diagnosed stage 1b CC. It has come as a bit of a shock but after reading a lot of posts in here I was kind of expecting something bad.

I'm trying to stay positive - still in the 'could cry any minute' phase but I have a lot of good people around me. 

I have my MRI tomorrow then MDT is tempering Weds. 

EmJess, what stage were you? 


*MDT meeting weds (b****y iPhone!) 

Sorry to hear your news Katy. If you need anything please let us know, we are all here for you

Soph x

Hi Boop,

Waiting for the phonecall this afternoon, hoping it will be today after the MDT meet. Feeling positive after speaking with my nurse yesterday, she really put my mind at ease after a traumatic weekend!

Will let you know my results when I get them.


Hi Katy!
I replied on your other post! :slight_smile: x